Cool Things I Saw at the Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium Rocks

On my last day in Atlanta, I took a trip to the Georgia Aquarium, which has been open for just one year and is the largest aquarium in the world. Seriously. Here are some of the cool sea creatures I saw on my visit.

Beluga Whale.jpg
The Beluga Whale, which is related to the Dolphin, is the only whale that can move its neck

The Aquarium has a pod of five Beluga whales. Their eyes look almost human.

GA_aquarium Tiger Shark.jpg
Whale Shark

They also have a bunch of whale sharks, which, obviously, are the world’s biggest sharks.


I know someone who would like to have a home aquarium filled with just Jellyfish.

Georgia-Aquarium Big tank.jpg
Big Big Tank

We stayed in this room for about an hour just watching the fish swim by. It was so awesome.

Giant Grouper

These Giant Grouper swim up to the glass and look right at you.

The Leafy Sea Dragon is Related to the Sea Horse and Pipefish

How can you look at this thing and say there is no god?

The Reedy Sea Dragon is the Leafy Sea Dragon’s Less-Flamboyant Cousin

The Georgia Aquarium really is like a Disneyland for fish and sea mamals. I had the best time and reccommend that everyone go there when they are in Atlanta. You can make advance reservations at their website.

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