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Drum Kit Bathroom Fixtures

Drumset Bathroom Sick Drummer Mag
Image Source

Other than finding a source (not necessarily the “original source”) for this image, not much else is known about the Drumkit Bathroom Fixtures seen above. It sure is a clever and well-executed idea though and would be both fun and functional to have in any musician or music fan’s bathroom.

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Coca Cola Drum Set

Coca Cola Drums
Image Source

This photo is pulled from an 1977 Slingerland Drum Advertisement for their custom wrap kit, where they’d make shell wraps with whatever image you wanted on them. I’m not sure if some clever drummer out there actually made a Coca Cola Kit, but the photo sure is cool!

Drum Kit Cake Topper!

Drum Kit Cake Topper
Photo Source Unknown

A Fan/Facebook friend of my pal Neal posted this awesome cake photo on his FB page for his recent Birthday, and I stole it because it is rules. The drums, cymbals and hardware all appear to be made of edible fondant, which tastes like ass but looks pretty cool.

DrumKit Chandelier

Drum Kit Chandelier

This amazing home made Drumkit Chandelier manages to achieve both a modern and vintage look at the same time! While I can’t seem to locate the original source for this photo or much background on the project, it was reportedly made by Matt Ludwig. Enjoy perusing an extensive thread of viewer comments on Reddit at This link!

Thanks To Neal Smith For The Tip!

Drumkit Cake

Image Source

I can’t believe that this is the first Drumkit Cake I’ve come across in my trek across the interwebs, and yet, it is so. It is easy to say that this cake, or cakes, as it were, could be improved by setting each “Drum” cake layer on a proper stand, thus setting it up as a more authentic-looking kit. Also, not to mention, but you can see I am about to, this set up is quite obviously two snares and a tom, which is just wrong. But I suppose that fortunate recipients of Drumkit Cakes cannot be choosers.

Miniature Drumset Made From Food Cans

This awesome miniature set of drums, created from empty food tins with their lids used for cymbals, is just so clever, I’m surprised no one ever thought of it before.

Image Courtesy of Artist Helmut Smits Via Found Shit Dot Com

Cool Thing of the Day: Sound Activated Snare Drum Light

In drumming, they say it’s not just about what you play; it’s about what you don’t play. The same can be said for the subtleties of achieving the correct lighting in a room: it’s not about how bright the light is but what it illuminates. Good lighting is just so important when it comes to setting a mood, which makes me wonder what might be set off when you light up this Snare Drum Lamp. Designed by 326 design firm in New Zealand, this attractive lamp prototype is the first of its kind. Tap the drum and it turns on, another tap and it turns off. Sensitivity controls prevent room noise from activating the light. Each drum light is made to order and sells for $850 (most likely not including shipping charges). Delivery times are confirmed when orders are placed. Visit This Link for more details. Shine on!

Thanks to Thrillist Dot Com For The Tip!