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Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year 29013

Hey Everybody! Welcome to the very last day of 2012. It was a pretty good year for me here at The Gig, despite a devastating midsummer hack job to this fair site — from which we emerged even stronger and more popular — and a brief displacement of domicile due to Hurricane Sandy. In fact, I just returned late last evening from a ten day vacation in Southern California celebrating one of my favorite Christmas holidays in recent memory, so I am definitely wrapping up the year on a high note. Thanks for your readership over the past 364 days and here’s to all good things ahead in 2013! Cheers!

Smile Your Way Into 2012!

Facebite Graphic By Leslie Tucker
FaceBite By Leslie Tucker

As we slide into the New Year, remember all of the things you were grateful for in 2011 and visualize abundance to come in 2012!

Happy New Year and Thanks for a Great 2008!

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Now that we are nearly at the end of this year, I can only remark that 2008 has been an amazing year of ups and down for The Worley Gig. Between getting hacked numerous times, problems with software, updating the look of the site and a server change that temporarily resulted in the loss of half the site, I also saw record traffic and lots of new commenters! That can only mean word is getting out about what a rad blog this is. So if you’ve become a regular reader of The ‘Gig and have passed our URL on to other friends, thank you so much. I promise that 2009 will be even more rad! Happy New Year and all the best to you for 2009!