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Eric Franklin, Skull

Eric Franklin Skull
Photo By Gail

Eric Franklin (b. 1974)

Skull, 2014

Borosilicate Glass Sculpture with Ionized Neon Gas

7 X 7 3/4 X 8Inches

Signed, Unique

Photographed in Taglialatella Galleries, 231 Tenth Ave., New York City

Airan Kang, The Luminous Poem at Bryce Wolkowitz

Asian Wall Scrolls
All Photos By Gail

Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery is currently hosting The Luminous Poem, a new body of work by Korean artist Airan Kang. If you’ve seen Kang’s work before (she’s previously shown at the Wolkowitz Gallery), then you know that she makes these fantastic illuminated sculptures of books.

Luminous Poem Book Shelf

This show has lots of her illuminated books (and it seems also what look like VHS Cassette Boxes – nostalgia!), but it also explores other printed mediums, such as scrolls and room-sized projections. My favorite part of the exhibit was a small room where shelves of softly glowing books lined the walls.

The Beatles Murakami Jaws

It’s great fun to browse the shelves and spot your favorites, now transformed into objects of light and enhanced wonder.

Jeff Koons

There are Art Books and books that have been made into Movies and books about Pop Stars and Pop Culture Icons. All very fun!

A Clockwork Orange

Bob Dylan Hitchhikers Guide

Marilyn Monroe

This one hangs on the wall, and changes color.

England's Dreaming

As you can see, the book – its boundless possibilities and its cultural significance – is central to Airan Kang’s work. In The Luminous Poem, she opens up the idea of the book from a concrete, self-contained object into a virtual space for the imagination.

The Luminous Poem Installation

In the galleries’ rear space, The Luminous Poem, the central interactive installation, features texts from classical poetry that project across the surface of a massive mirrored book that the viewer can enter. The texts are poems from the Romantic canon of Western literature. Kang’s immersive installation situates book and text as an interactive experience, an unfinished work entered into and transformed by the reader or viewer’s imagination or memory.

Asian Scroll Flat

Kang has also created a new iteration of her Digital Lighting Book series in the form of Asian scrolls. The pages of the transparent cast-resin books have been replaced with light, that multivalent symbol of wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment. By upending the idea of the book as a familiar object, she encourages more free-floating associations with the book and its subject matter.

Luminous Poem Book Stack

Make sure to see this exhibit before it closes!

The Luminous Poem by Airan Kang will be on Exhibit Through June 13, 2015 at Bryce Wolkowitz, Located at 505 W 24th St, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Airan Kang Signage

George Segal: Walk, Don’t Walk at the Whitney Museum

Walk Don't Walk
All Photos By Gail

The past weekend, Geoffrey and I paid our first visit to the new and — dare I say — much improved Whitney Museum on Gansevoort Street in the Meat Packing District, and we had the time of our lives! I took hundreds of rad photos, some of which I will be sharing with you in the coming weeks. I am especially smitten this installation/sculpture thing by George Segal (1924 – 2000), which is called Walk, Don’t Walk (1976). I  saw Segal’s work in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston last summer and I think his stuff is pretty cool.

Walk Don't Walk

Yes, It Exists: Pentagram Hedge

Pentagram Hedge
Photo By Gail

If you’re paying attention here, then you might recognize the above Pentagram Hedge as a work by artist Joseph Grazi, from his exhibit, God Complex, which we reviewed here on The Gig last month. But the Pentagram Hedge is such a marvelous thing, that it deserves an encore appearance. Because, Pentagram Hedge.

3D Print Mosaic Bust of Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin
Photo By Gail

I think this is my favorite photo I took at the 3D Print Show: a fantastically detailed bust of Ben Franklin. Look at the startling realism around his eyes — amazing! I also love how this was done with a variety of different colored filaments to create a mosaic cubist motif that’s just mind-blowing.

Sacred Heart

Sacre Coeur
Photo By Gail

What I like most about this sculpture by Polish-born artist Piotr Uklanski (b. 1968), is the visceral response it elicits, because it does look something like what a real, human heart might, if it was covered with thick layers of dripping encaustic. Untitled (Sacre Coeur), 2015 (Resin on patinated metal stand) is currently part of larger, mostly photographic exhibit by the artist that you can see at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on Fifth Avenue in NYC.

Yes, It Exists: Baby Head with Seed Pod Body Sculpture

Seed Pod Baby Head
All Photos By Gail

I tell you, it does not ever get boring looking for fucked up shit to photograph for this blog, because it is everywhere. I saw this baby head sculpture with a seed pod body — and actually, if you look below, there are two of them — at the Into the Wild exhibit at Art Now NY Gallery on West 28th Street. And now it cannot be unseen.

Seed Pod Baby Head
Behold: The Full on Seed Pod Baby Head Experience!