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Picasso Bull Statue, West 58th Street

Picasso Bull Sculpture
Photos By Gail

Post yesterday’s crazy snow storm, I was out exploring today and walked south from Central Park down Fifth Avenue and around the front of the Plaza Hotel, just because. Right across from the Plaza’s posh entrance, on West 58th Street, there sits this mythic Bull Statue by the great Pablo Picasso, which was added in 2000 to what is actually the north facade of The Solow Building, also referred to as 9 West 57th Street.

I like that there is still some snow on the Bull’s horns.

Picasso Bull Sculpture

Christian Haub, Float for Vence

Christian Haub, Float for Vence
Photo By Gail

Here’s a cool photo I took of sculptor Christian Haub’s Float for Vence, (2014, Cast Acrylic Sheet, 36 x 36 x 3 1/2 inches ), on display at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts located at 529 West 20th, Suite 6W, in the Chelsea Gallery District. This lovely piece can be yours for the asking price of $10,000.

Luke Achterberg, Made in the USA at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Sculpture By Luke Achterberg
All Photos By Gail

Another fun exhibit I saw recently is from abstract sculptor Luke Achterberg, who draws inspiration from two very specific American sub-cultures: urban graffiti and hot-rodding. Achterberg uses the combination of these two very particular aesthetics to create a new visual language.

Evolving and Cognate
Evolving (Sculpture on Pedestal), and Cognate (Sculpture on Wall)

Conceptually, these are bold, contemporary embellishments of structures unrelated to the contemporary additions of spray paint or automotive adornments that stylize and personalize their functional substrates. Aesthetically, his work is the dynamic link that bridges them together; an expressive look Achterberg refers to as “SuperSleek.”


The artist’s interest in hot-rodding stems from growing up with the welders and automotive customizers in his family; he is a certified welder himself. He uses his industrial skills and adds his own touch, which transforms raw steel and automotive paint into works of elegance and meaning.


He captures both the academic ideals of fine art and the technical aptitude that graffiti artists and custom automotive specialists develop outside of academia.

Rooted Custom
Rooted Custom

Achterberg’s work translates the emotional gesture that is seen in both of his muses. He employs curving forms with whiplash tendrils that animate the works and afford them an anthropomorphic nature, as if someone’s tag or custom paint job came to life. Each has a balance of line and form, color and pattern, and also the physical, structural balance of the heavy steel. And yet, the works give the impression of floating, almost dancing, across the wall.


Luke Achterberg’s Made in the USA will be on Exhibit Through March 14th, 2015 at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts – NY, Located at 529 W 20th Street, Suite 6W, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Luke Achterberg Signage

Edie Nadelhaft, Generation X

Better Living Through Chemistry
Photos By Gail

Do you like art and, also, drugs? I sure do. Generation X by NY-based artist Edie Nadelhaft is comprised of 9 individual, over-sized glass capsule sculptures — each filled with colorful plastic balls and emblazoned with familiar Social Media acronyms and emoticons — which are part of the artist’s Better Living Thru Chemistry series. You can see more of Nadelhaft’s work from that series at This Link!

Photographed at Lyons Wier Gallery, 542 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011.

Best Friends For Life
Detail from Above Grouping

Modern Art Monday Presents: Mirror Stratum By Robert Smithson

Robert Smithson Mirror Stratum
All Photos By Gail

Mirror Stratum (1966) by Robert Smithson (1938 – 1973) is made up of Stacked Mirrors on a Formica-Covered Base and makes for such a lovely, pyramid-shaped reflective thing to try to get decent photos of. The reflection you see slightly in the above photos is a fragment of the phrase, “Wall Pitted By a Single Rifle Shot,” which is a caption (itself a work of art by Lawrence Weiner) written high across the wall closest to the sculpture.

Robert Smithson Mirror Stratum

On July 20, 1973, Smithson died in a plane crash, while surveying sites for his work Amarillo Ramp in the vicinity of Amarillo, Texas. He was 35 years old. Despite his early death, and relatively few surviving major works, Smithson has a following amongst many contemporary artists.

Mirror Stratum By Robert Smithson is part of the permanent collection at The Museum Of Modern Art in NYC.

Robert Smithson Mirror Stratum

Pink 8-Bit Heart Sculpture

Pink Tetris Heart
Image Source

Pink Heart (2015) by Shinji Murakami
Wood, glue and alkyd on stand
16 x 16 x 12 inches
40.64 x 40.64 x 30.48 cm
Edition of 3

A three-dimensional art piece that looks as if it were made out of cubes, Shinji Murakami’s 3D-8 Bit series was born from the idea that you could translate the pixelated bumpiness of 8-bit imagery into a three-dimensional form. This creations pushes him to contemplate not only the simplest expression of a subject, but the exact opposite of that process: the discovery of the most important lens through which to perceive the subject.

Available online from the Paul Kasmin Shop at This Link!

Peacock Made From Plastic Utensils

Peacock By Federico Uribe
Photos By Gail

This charming Peacock Sculpture was crafted by Columbia-born artist Federico Uribe entirely from clear Plastic Forks and Spoons. At the recent Metro Curates art fair, Uribe had an entire booth devoted to his fanciful sculptures created from repurposed everyday objects such as CDs, Bike Helmets, Colored Pencils and Paint Brush Handles. Worleygig.com will be featuring additonal work by Uribe in a future post, as well as highlighting a selection of our favorite artworks from the fair later in the week.

Peacock By Federico Uribe Detail