Video Clip of The Week: Cory Hanson, “Garden of Delight”

Ah, Sunday Morning Music: that is what this column is, at its core, all about. Real Sunday Morning Music, rife with minor chords, wistful melodies and introspective, melancholy lyrics, doesn’t come along every week, but this week: jackpot! Please watch and listen to “Garden of Delight” from the solo debut of Cory Hanson — vocalist/guitarist of LA-based psychedelic trio, Wand — and get your bittersweet nostalgia fix for the week ahead!

Shot on 8mm for extra-added visual power of transportation to the past, “Garden of Delight” sets the Wayback Machine for a stroll through a landscape of vibrant hibiscus and bougainvillea — two flowering plants that were all over the southern California neighborhood I grew up in — and rolling green hills. Cory’s sublime vocals are a perfect blend of Morrissey and Lloyd Cole that float on top of a gentle acoustic strumming that gives way to lush, Beatle-esque strings. Lyrically, the message of a romantic relationship that maybe didn’t work out quite the way one might have hoped is sufficiently muted as to allow for imaginative extrapolation, providing a terrific opportunity for emotional catharsis.

“Garden of Delight” is the latest single from The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo, released in December of 2016. Enjoy!

Cory Hanson on Ground

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