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What I Want

All You Can Eat Buffet
SOLD! “All You Can Eat Buffet (for two)” Sold for $51.70

ART COMMERCE: A genius artist couple started a website where they paint the various things they want, sell the paintings for the real life cost of those things, and then buy those things with the money from the paintings! Yes, genius! Check out the paintings of everything they needed/wanted for week’s trip to Vegas at Wants For Sale.

Robert Rauschenberg, Titan of American Art, Is Dead at 82

RIP Robert Rauschenberg
1925 – 2008

Legendary artist Robert Rauschenberg has passed away on May 12th, 2008.This is Sad News, because Robert Rauschenberg was awesome. I took a lot of Modern Art classes in college and his combine paintings definitely opened my eyes to different ways of seeing and thinking. I was actually just at LACMA out in Los Angeles on Friday and saw some of Rauschenberg’s work up close, and it still blows me away. Sad.

Potato Skull!

Potato Skull

I like that someone carved a skull out of a potato.

Damien Hirst Says, School’s Out, Forever

School’s Out Forever

Continuing Education

This afternoon I had my mind completely blown by Damien Hirst ‘s installation in the lobby of the Lever House in midtown: School: The Archeology of Lost Desires, Comprehending Infinity and the Search for Knowledge. Jesus god, this exhibit is just amazing. I can understand why some people – vegetarians and animal rights activists, specifically – might be offended by its contents, but to me it was so compellingly creepy and disturbingly beautiful, I didn’t want to leave. I absolutely loved it, and I’m certain that all fans and admirers of the Nine Inch Nails’ video for “Closer” will as well.


School is on exhibit until February 9, 2008. I suggest you not miss the chance to experience this phenomenal work of modern art, if at all possible. See more pictures after the jump!

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MC Escher’s Waterfall Becomes a LEGO Sculpture!

The World of MC Escher: Waterfall
How impressive is this!


Thanks to Frank at OMG Blog for the tip!

Gail’s Rad Adventure at the Guggenheim Museum!

Spiritual America is at the Guggenheim through January 9, 2008

The first snow of the season fell on NYC overnight and this morning, honestly, it was absolutely gorgeous outside! Before the lovely pristine blanket of white could transform into grey slush and filthy mounds flecked with soot and dog feces, I decided to bundle up like an Eskimo and enjoy one of the greatest simple pleasures of life in New York City: a Sunday trip to the Guggenheim Museum. The Guggenheim currently features a career retrospective of American artist Richard Prince, and his work is just fantastic. I laughed my ass off at a lot of his “Joke” canvases, avoided slipping into a “Museum Coma” and was back downtown in Union Square in time to do a little Holiday shopping at the crafts market. Read more about the exhibit and see photos of some of Prince’s featured work after the jump. Spiritual America runs through January 9, 2008.

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Go See A Psychic Vacuum!

The Sand Room
Behold: The Sand Room

Tracy and I went to see British artist Mike Nelson’s A Psychic Vacuum Installation / Exhibit today and it was AWESOME!  While the installation is pretty indescribable, if I was forced to describe the experience of being inside the “Psychic Vacuum” I’d say it was like a combination of a nightmare, a David Lynch movie and a history lesson in Lower East Side Immigration. If you live in NYC, do go while you can. It’s open weekends only through October 28th.