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Fish ‘N’ Flush Toilet Aquarium: Combining Two of Life’s Great Pleasures

 Fish n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium

The Fish ‘N’ Flush is a 2.5 gallon aquarium that replaces your regular ceramic tank. It consists of two pieces: the actual fill tank, and the aquarium, which surrounds the fill tank for the “fish in your toilet” effect. Toilet brands like Fish ‘N’ Flush, often list these item for $299 + .This is great for pocket fishermen and people who can’t keep pet fish alive (comes conveniently located atop a fish cemetery). The rad fish toilet seat is not included, but you can shop for one right here.

Story courtesy of Geekologie.

 Fish n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium

 Fish n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium

Sweet Ride of the Day: Pink Camouflage Bugatti Veyron

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I gave up driving for life in Manhattan’s concrete jungle nearly twenty years ago, and lord knows I don’t miss it. But if I lived in a place where I had to start driving again, and I had a one and a half million dollars to spend on a car, I’d like to drive this car right here.

The Most Metal Thing: Dragon Head Staple Remover!

Dragon Head Staple Remover
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Here’s the most metal desk accessory I could find on the web right at this moment: a Dragon Head Staple Remover by designer Jac Zagoory!

Buckminster Fuller: Rad Genius

Dymaxion Car

Buckminster Fuller Invented This Rad Car!

Those of you that read this blog with regularity will know that most weekends, Geoffrey and I take what we call an “Urban Field Trip” so that we have an excuse to leave the house. This Past Sunday we visited the Buckminster Fuller exhibit at the Whitney Museum. I admit that I did not know much (i.e. practically anything) about Fuller before we decided to go see the exhibit. I had the vague feeling that Fuller was some kind of philosopher or spiritualist, so I did a little surfing on the Google before we hit the museum. What I discovered is that Buckminster Fuller was a “Visionary designer, philosopher, poet, inventor, engineer, and advocate of sustainability, and one of the great transdisciplinary thinkers of the last century with a legacy that extends to nearly every field of the arts and sciences.” Wow!

B Fuller Stamp

He Also Had His Own Postage Stamp!

I can hardly even get my head around that sentence let alone the vast scope of Fuller’s work. I even joked to Geoffrey how mind blowing it is to think that Fuller was involved in the realization of all of this heavy, futuristic stuff every minute of the day, while most of my deepest thoughts revolve around what I’m going to eat and what entertaining programs are on TV. We were truly awed. After the museum we had delicious food at our favorite Cuban restaurant in Chelsea, and that is always fun.

The Buckminster Fuller Exhibit, Starting With The Universe, runs at the Whitney through September 13, 2008. Do go!

Coca Cola Animal Print Bottles

Animal Print Coke Bottles

Designer Roberto Cavalli, in a joint Venture with Coca Cola, has designed these totally rad Animal Print Coca Cola Light Bottles that, unfortunately, are being sold (in a “limited edition” of just 300,000) in Italy only. Drat! And if the comment thread attached to the above link is any indication, they apparently aren’t going over too well with the pop culture design snobs that trawl The Dieline Dot Com — which only makes me love them more!

Purple Bat-Wing Van!

Purple Batwing Van
What a Sweet Ride

I haven’t gotten around to seeing The Dark Knight yet because I am too busy having a life. I’m sure I’ll see it eventually, just like I finally got around to buying a cell phone two years ago. I hate to be one to hop on a trend too quickly.

But I was just surfing around the ‘Net, like I do for fun on a Friday nights, looking for something Batman-esque to post so I can drag some Batman freaks over to the site, and I found this post about Michael Ian Black’s new book, My Custom Van: And 50 Other Mind-Blowing Essays that Will Blow Your Mind All Over Your Face over on Good Reads. I decided to snag this Batman-related part of the post so I can steal some of their thunder. Thank you. You’re welcome.

Commentary stolen from

“What this van lacks in subtlety it more than makes up for in totally useless purple fiberglass appendages. This is the kind of van that says, “I probably won’t fit through the underpass.” On the other hand, it would be a perfect getaway vehicle for a bank job because nobody would think you would be stupid enough to rob a bank and then drive away in that thing. In case the van itself didn’t tell you the owner has a thing for Batman, the Batman decal on the side should clear up any confusion.”


Not Fragile: The Seven Deadly Sins Now Available In Wine Glass Form


If you enjoy a little decadence and danger with your evening’s glass of the grape, you may not be able to live without Hamilton Design’s collection of the Seven Deadly Wine Glasses. According to the website: These glasses are based on the 7 Deadly Sins. Each glass encapsulates a sin, which is revealed through the ritual of drinking. The 7 Deadly Glasses are about celebrating passion and encouraging the user to be sinful in a theatrical fashion.

Handmade in England. Limited Edition. Available to order. Price on Request. (I bet they cost a bloody fortune!)

Thanks to Tracy over at Modern Urban Livingfor the tip!

Collect The Whole Set!
Collect All Seven!