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Recipe of the Day: Meatloaf Cake!

Meat Loaf Cake
Mmm . . . Meaty!

This is a picture of a layer cake made of ground beef and frosted with mashed potatoes to make a hearty Meatloaf Cake. I’m a big fan of meatloaf, so it looks pretty tasty to me. You can find out how to make your very own meatloaf cake right here.

Meat Loaf Cake 2
Everybody Loves Meat Cake!

Gail and Geoffrey’s Excellent Cuban Food Adventure!

Fried Sweet Plantains. Oh, So Delicious

One time, many years ago, I did a phone interview with Ian Astbury, lead singer for the Cult. Ian is a fascinating but super long-winded guy and he can talk for hours. That can be a blessing and a curse in itself, but that is another story. While I was on the phone with Ian he started telling me a story about his trip to Cuba (Aside: Ian is OBSESSED with the late Cuban Guerilla leader Che Guevara). He said to me at one point that “The food there was so fucking good, I wanted to eat the plate.” I thought that was a pretty funny quote, but of course he’s right. Cuban food rocks.

Last night, I went with my rad friend Geoffrey to this little Cuban restaurant in Chelsea called, appropriately, Havana Chelsea. Bluntly put, this place is the fucking bomb. I don’t even want to print the restaurant’s address because I want to keep it as secret as possible, so I can always get a table when I go there, which from now on will be OFTEN!
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Trader Joe’s: Another Reason to Love The Germans

This is Not the Trader Joe’s on 14th Street, But Use Your Imagination

Three things changed my life in 2006, as follows

1. Getting a full time job with benefits and paid vacations. Yowsa!
2. Writing a Pop Culture Blog that rocks. Woo Hoo!
3. Trader Joe’s Market opening on 14th Street here in NYC, where I live. Thank You Jesus!

If you have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood, and you have a brain in your head, then I do not need to tell you how much Trader Joe’s rules the Universe. Even though the lines are beyond insane, it is so worth waiting/wading through to own delicous treats like chocolate covered frozen bananas, chicken apple sausage, and wild mushroom risotto.

This is the Actual Aisle Where I Buy My Cereal!

Every time I return home from a TJ’s shopping extravaganza and unload bags of goodness into my freezer and kitchen pantry, I get down on my knees and thank god that the food fairies put such an awesomely fantastic place to buy groceries so close to my house. And here’s something that I bet you did not even know: Trader Joe’s is owned by The Germans! And so it with eternal gratitude that I say “meine deutschen Freunde für das Holen des Trader Joes zur 14. Straße danke!

Kinder Bueno: The Tastiest Candy in the Universe

Kinder Bueno
Kinder Bueno, The Candy of the Gods

Do you enjoy tasty snacks? I sure do. I am actually not much of a candy eater, but one of the Directors in the London office of the Investment Bank I work for as a day gig recently introduced me to this amazing candy called Kinder Bueno. And let me tell you, that shit rocks.

As simple, delicious perfection defined, Kinder Bueno is basically milk chocolate-covered hazelnut cream on a crispy wafer. If you are not lucky enough to have friends or co-workers in England who will bring Kinder Bueno to you, then you can probably find it on the Internet somewhere. Believe me, it will be worth the effort required to track it down.

I Ate A Tastey Snack

Entenmanns Mini Carrot Cake
Paradise Found

I had the day off for Veteran’s Day and so I filled my much-needed down time with running errands usually reserved for the weekend. I actually wanted to get my hair trimmed, but you can’t make appointments at the place where I get my hair cut, and I just wasn’t into waiting ninety minutes to see Martha – the only stylist I trust, because she always cuts my hair perfectly. I guess I’ll have to do that tomorrow.
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