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It’s Official: I Am A Fan Of Sleeping!

Sleeping Rocks!

I just joined Sleeping‘s personal fan page on Face Book. How much does that rule? I love to sleep.

Desperately Seeking Burrito Cake Recipe

Behold: The Burrito Cake
Behold: The Burrito Cake

Twice in the past week I’ve seen photos online of a cake that looks like a tasty Burrito, but I can never find the recipe. If you know the recipe to make a Burrito Cake please post in the comments. Muchas Gracias!

For When You Crave The Sweet and Salty Snack: Chocolate Covered Bacon!

Mmmm...Chocolatey Bacon

Yes, it exists.

Image Courtesy of Motifake

Imagine These Rides at Disneyland in Rome!

Big Thunder Mountain Renasiance

Pop Culture Blog, Best Week Ever, features a hilarious post where they suggest Eight Rides they should build at a new Disneyland-style theme park in Rome. Pictured above, Big Thunder Mountain Renaissance, “because let’s be honest, there’s so much Renaissance art to see on your short trip to Italy, you might as well be on a speeding roller coaster.” These are “E Ticket Attractions” to be sure!

This is Especially Hilarious When You Are As Hungover As I Am Now!