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Best Survivor Ever!

Survivor Season 13 Final 4
The Survivor 13 Final Four

I don’t think it’s ever happened in any previous season of Survivor (and I’ve been there since Tagi and Pagong) that my two favorite players went to the final two together. That changed last night, when Yul went up against Ozzy (with Becky thrown in the middle for…some pointless reason) at the final tribal counsel to decide who wins the million dollars.

Yul Kwon Survivor
Yul: Strong, Silent, Hunky

I liked Yul from the beginning and had grown to appreciate Ozzy, to the point where I was even rooting for him there at the end. But a Yul victory is just as good, especially since Ozzy won a car and $100 grand anyway. Not too much to feel sorry for there.

Ozzy Survivor Season 13
Ozzy: Not Joey Lawrence, really.

Even though my boyfriend gives me endless shit for watching any reality TV, I love Survivor so much and will never be bullied into denying it. I’m sad that this season of Survivor is over, but happy that I can start watching  again.

This Week’s Must-See Movie: The Prestige!

The Prestige Movie Poster

Yesterday I went to see the film The Prestige, which I’d been REALLY looking forward to seeing for weeks even after reading a lukewarm review in As much as I’m all over, that reviewer must be dead from the neck up, because The Prestige rocks. I don’t want to give anything away, because the movie kept me guessing right up until the very last minute. All you need to know is that the story involves two rival magicians (played by the very hot Hugh Jackman and the even hotter Christian Bale) and an illusion known as “The Transported Man” which becomes the obsession of Jackman’s character. David Bowie even gets the chance to flex his impressive thespian muscles in the semi-meaty role of inventor and electrical pioneer Nicola Tesla. Scarlet Johansson is on hand as required eye candy. The film also features gorgeous cinematography, and a pleasingly dark undercurrent which will appeal to all you Halloween enthusiasts out there. I advise you to go see The Prestige as soon as possible.

Separated at Birth: Lorenzo Borghese and Trent Reznor

Lorenzo Borghese
Bachelor Number Nine

Has anyone out there noticed that Lorenzo Borghese, star of the 9th season of the semi-retarded reality freak show The Bachelor bears an amazing resemblance to the professionally morose Industrial music genius Trent Reznor? I sure did.

Trent Reznor 2006
Trent “Nobody Loves Me” Reznor

Of course, this line of thinking gets me to hypothesizing about how fun and utterly twisted it would be if ABC recruited Trent to be the next Bachelor contestant. Can you just imagine Trent looking for his potential life mate among 25 assorted Type O Negative fans and would-be-Myspace-Porn-Stars diluted with a few blonde-and-brainless-cheerleader types? How much would that rule?

Again, it reminds me of this silly article I wrote for the print version of Ink19 about ten years ago (back when I was a confused, horny fan who hadn’t yet figured out what an utter fraud Trent is) called Dream Date With Trent Reznor. Good times. I wish that piece was archived somewhere because it would be good to haul it out for a few belly laughs. But hopping back on my original train of thought, maybe if Trent could find true love and get laid on a regular basis, he could write some songs that didn’t go on and on about how depressed he is and how much it sucks to be a millionaire rock star who’s probably turned more sex than I’ve had. Yawn City.

Season 3 of The Office Debuts Tonight!

Jim and Pam of The Office By Gail Worley

What happened after Jim and Pam kissed at the end of last season’s cliffhanger? I can’t wait to find out! Oh, and Happy Birthday Mom!

Little Miss Sunshine: The Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year

Little Miss Sunshine Cast
His T-Shirt Reads “Jesus Was Wrong”

Everyone reading this needs to go see the movie Little Miss Sunshine as soon as possible. It’s so hilarious and so heartfelt, it is just insane. It is even better than Napolean Dynamite, a film I’ve seen about 20 times and own on DVD. Just go; go now.

Rock Star SuperNova: The Worst Show on TV!

We Will Not Rock You

Despite its very happening website , Rock Star SuperNova is easily the worst show on TV. I’m serious; there is nothing worse on television that you could possibly find to watch. It makes American Idol look like The Sopranos by comparison. Suck City.

Even Hell’s Kitchen – with all of its screaming, backstabbing and chain smoking – has a higher entertainment factor.
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Match Point: That’s Hot!

Match Point
Uber-Hotties Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Scarlett Johansson Star in Match Point

If you’re as much of a movie freak as I am and you haven’t yet seen the newest Woody Allen flick, Match Point then you simply must run out and see it immediately because this movie fucking rocks! I went in not really knowing what the movie was about beyond a basic plot thread of “British Tennis Pro meets American Actress in London” and I was completely blown away! As with movies like The Crying Game, A History of Violence and Million Dollar Baby it is really to your advantage to see this film knowing as little in advance as possible because the surprises and plot twists are delicious. Go see it and then email me and tell me what you thought.