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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Hot Cha Cha Cha

Not a Vibrator

While passing time over at Plastic and Plush, I came across this delightful pink vinyl toy called Hot Cha Cha Cha, by artist Gary Baseman. This special Pink edition figure is strictly limited to 500 units worldwide and comes in an individually-numbered package that’s a work of art in itself. Retails for $99.95. Sounds a bit pricey to me. Your mileage may vary.

Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Plush Toy

“Shaky Bacon”

Regular readers of The Worley Gig know that we are not only rabid and unashamed meat eaters over here but we are also very pro-Bacon! Having previously blogged about Bacon Flavored Dental Floss, Chocolate-covered Bacon and uber-tasty Bacon Cinnamon Rolls, it only follows that we would continue to celebrate Bacon’s awesomeness by turning fellow bacon-lovers on to this very cute and cuddly Bacon Plush Toy, Shaky Bacon, available for purchase from Plastic and Plush Toys! I love the angry look on his face! So adorable, so delicious.

Introducing Sklush – the Plush Skull Toy!

Who Says Skulls Aren’t Soft and Cuddly?

Good Day, and welcome to day two of Gail Blogging about Skulls. Artist / Toymaker Joe Grady has produced his first handmade plushie toys, which he calls “Sklush” (Skull + Plush). While the first two Sklush were made for the Monster Art Rally show (at San Francisco’s Gallery 1988), Joe plans on creating more in the future. Look for him to switch up the colors and graphics so no two will ever be alike.

From Plastic and Plush!

Katamari Themed Stuff!

katmari wedding cake topper

Did you ever play the video game Katamari Damacy? Where the tiny little Prince of All Cosmos has to roll a katamari (essentially a big, sticky ball that attaches itself to anything it rolls over) across all kinds of stuff and then launch it all up in the sky to make new stars and thus appease his abusive, drunken Dad, the King? It is the most fun game. I really suck at it but that doesn’t mean it’s not crazy fun! Lots of people love Katamari, and that is why they make Katamari Damacy Wedding Cake Toppers (seen above) and Katamari Damacy Cakes and even Bizarro Katamari Hats to celebrate their love. Pictures after the jump!

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Rock Star Rehab, The Board Game: "Let's Play!"

Rockstar rehab board game
Dried Vomit Not Included

Just when Steve Tyler is finally getting clean for the umpteenth time, Urban Outfitters brings us the thrilling board game adventure, Rock Star Rehab, where the most tragic players become the most famous winners! Just roll the dice and move your drunken rocker around the board, stopping at LA nightclubs, VIP parties… even jail! The goal of the game: to make your way through Rock Star Rehab! No word yet on whether the game pieces feature miniature replicas of Amy Winehouse, Vince Neil and Pete Doherty.

Gold Star

“Getting Sober is Fun!”