John Humphrey, Drummer, SEETHER


I LOOOOOOOOVE Gail Worley, it’s true! She was a pleasure to work with and very easy to talk to. As a musician and entertainer, doing interviews can be a pain in the ass – bad questions, misquotes, etc., but not with Gail. She was very creative, educated in regards to the subject matter and professional. It was a dream of mine to appear in Modern Drummer magazine one day and I’m glad Gail wrote that article. Xoxo.


Stephen Flinn, Avant-garde Drummer

Gail’s writing is far from superficial, as reflected in her attention to detail and unrelenting research. She possesses a unique gift in her ability to assimilate a lot of information and present it in a clear and focused fashion.

This entry was posted on August 12, 2007, in Testimonials.

Robbie Z, Drummer, Black Halos

Gail has been a friend for a few years now. She has fantastic energy and is a pleasure to talk to and be around. Since the interviews she did with me for Modern Drummer and Metal Edge last year, I have had many compliments from friends, fans and industry folk still to this day. I very much appreciate her help in getting my name out there and hope that we can connect again in the near future. We should be thankful that she is a fan of the music and wants to write about people she cares about whether they are of mainstream success or from the underground. Thanks again Gail…keep up the great work!

Tony Mann, Drummer, She Wolves, The Willowz, and many more

A few years ago I was reading a great article about Neal Smith of Alice Cooper – one of my favorite Drummers – in Discoveries magazine. I loved the article, so I bought the magazine. Within a few days I was playing a show -and that is where I met Gail! I asked her “Are you THE Gail Worley who recently wrote an article on Neal Smith?” She said she was, and we've been friends ever since. I consider myself a friend / fan / stalker of Gail! But wait a minute – who stalked who? That is the magic of Gail Worley!

Martin Atkins, Drummer, Label Owner, Author and Entrepreneur

Martin Atkins Avatar

Gail, you simply fucking rock! I love your piece for my book (Tour: Smart) in the section on Press and Publicity – your “Pet Peeves and How to Avoid Them” shreds any fence sitting and bestows some priceless advice – THANKS!