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Jonny Polonsky

In this post-Lester Bangs, pre-Armageddon world of rock journalism, where only fast and easy money is held sacred, and Rock and Roll’s golden calf is sold for pennies on the pound from the chopping block, there is only one writer who can rise above the fetid morass to deliver the children from a certain and unholy existence: Worley. Gail, that is. Come to Mama, babies — it’s time.

Marc Slutsky, Drummer (Peter Murphy, Alexa Ray Joel, Ben Jelen, Splender, etc.)

Wow, what can I say? Gail is the best! She did my bio a while back and it came out great. Since then Gail and I have become good friends. I recommend Gail’s writing services to my colleagues and friends often. They always come back to me saying how great things turned out, 100% of the time! She loves music and it shows in her work.

Jack Irons, Drummer/Composer

Gail did a great interview with me. All her questions made for smooth sailing and an interview that read well. We had a fun time. She has also kept me in the loop about what happened with the finished interview and where it would be published. She is very dedicated to what she does.

Sheila Bommakanti, COBER

There aren't a lot of people you'll randomly meet in this business where you'd be cool with cooking dinner for them some time. Gail is one of those rare people you meet, usually in some sort of professional setting whether it's an interview or she's writing your bio, where you really feel like you'd hang out with her and be friends. She knows a lot about music and she's interviewed everyone under the sun, but she's not full of herself or stuck up about it. Whether you're a rock star or if you're releasing your own records, anyone can tell she's about the music and not the hype. With that, you know Gail's opinions and writing abilities are consistent and are not going to change as trends do. She's the real thing, there's no BS and that's why everyone loves working with her.

CD Review: Supernatural Equinox by Outrageous Cherry

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Outragous Cherry CD Cover

Artist: Outrageous Cherry
Album: Supernatural Equinox
Release Date: May 6, 2003
Label: Rainbow Quartz

On its fifth album, Detroit’s Outrageous Cherry pull together a tight concatenation of influences; mingling old-school acid eaters (Stones, Byrds, Beatles) with modern genre revivalists (Dandy Warhols, Brian Jonestown Massacre) to wrap their signature noise-pop in a distinctive psychedelic overcoat. There’s a well-balanced, seductive ethereality to Supernatural Equinox that’s hard to resist. On the sunnier, Beach Boys-influenced tunes like “If You Want Me” and “Saturday Afternoon,” vocalist/songwriter Matthew Smith simultaneously pays homage to and parodies the 60’s with lyrics like, “It’s 1970 now/Flower Power is dead.” On the flip-side, OC doses the listener with the intense, acid-prog of “Psychic Wheels” (think BRMC) and a ferocious wah-wah pedal attack courtesy of “The Orgone Vortex.” Supernatural Equinox peaks out with “See You Next Time,” a raga-flavored, extended jam punctuated by processed backing vocals borrowed from Their Satanic Majesty’s Request. Turn on, tune in, trip out.

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This article was originally written for Rolling Stone’s Online Magazine. Though Rolling Stone remains in print and online, this article is no longer a part of their archive and has been added to the content base of The Worley Gig for our readers’ enjoyment.

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