Ned Vizzini, Author, Be More Chill

Gail’s interview with Stephen Perkins was the best interview with a Jane’s Addiction member EVER. Her review of my book, Teen Angst? Nah… wasn’t bad either! And she has a hot cartoon of her on her website. She’s the best!

Paul Barker, Guitarist (formerly of Ministry)

As anyone involved in the arts knows, interviews are a drag/necessity. Why should you explain your art? Even if the interviewer thinks they know you, they don’t. So fuck off. Now consider hours of interviews over days, if on a press junket, or over months squeezed into tight schedules, if on tour. How many ways can you say the same thing? Get me a drink. There are a few interviewers I like talking with. Gail Worley is one of them. She knows how to get the interview to transform into interesting conversation — no mean feat considering the nature of interviews is to talk about yourself and whatever it is you’ve done… pretty boring stuff if you’re already working out the next challenge! She knows your history, has a pretty good grip on the effect of your work, and seems to have angles on why you create that even you haven’t thought of. All of which makes talking about your sorry ass easier. One last comment about Gail, who, by the way, has already slayed everyone– SHE IS INTERVIEWING THE ALICE COOPER BAND! They, with Sly and the Family Stone, were the most important American rock bands in the early 70’s!

Larry Dvoskin, Grammy Nominated Songwriter, Producer and Creator of American Pride

Gail is Rock & Roll personified: sexy, edgy, inspired, unpredictable, radical, hot and moving with the beat of the new generation. When approaching a story, she is a true artist: a craftswoman weaving words, feelings and images which are creative, sexually charged, inspired and touching.

Stephanie St. John, Vocalist, MiMi Ferocious

Gail rocks, rolls and Reikis, all in one beautiful pink package. I think the chick is just plain in tune with the universe, which could explain why the great ear and gift of expression. A while back, she offered me her services as a Reiki Master practioner after the loss of my mother. I really appreciated her reaching out, because I only knew her through Starpolish and as a reviewer. And when my band was getting ready to release our CD, she helped us do a slamming bio for our press kit with her detailed, but to the point questions. She really helped us get organized and see the throughline in our story. Simply put, Gail rocks and anyone who gets to work with her in any capacity is lucky to be touched by this pink lady.

Michael Brueggen, Drummer, Supagroup

Being fairly new to interviews, I feel very lucky to have met Gail and very grateful to have been interviewed by her. She is extremely professional, enthusiastic and can make an uncomfortable milieu very comfortable. Her solid grasp on music and charming character make her a pleasure to talk with. She has been encouragingly positive and supportive, which has made an impact on me and apparently all of these other musicians. Thank you Gail, for keeping my Rock 'n' Roll fantasy alive!

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