Dennis Dunaway, Bassist, Alice Cooper

The integrity with which Gail conducted our interview assured me that she was genuinely interested in what made our band tick. She already understood that Alice Cooper was a band and had detailed knowledge of our history. She was familiar with album cuts and even knew what basses I played. Her pertinent questions and personable conduct made my answers flow freely and candidly. That level of professionalism surely rings true in all her interviews.

Dave Hill, Guitarist/Songwriter, Uptown Sinclair

In a world full of people I worry might try to steal my wallet, Gail is one of those people I don’t worry about so much. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe she might try to steal my wallet at some point. It’s just that I think it’s not a priority for her right now.

Another thing I like about Gail is she’s got pink hair. Sometimes people will be all like “Dave, I bet you can’t name one writer/Reiki master that has pink hair.” And then I’m all like “Fuck you, dude. Gail Worley has pink hair! Now give me my pants back!.” They never do but at least they know I’m right about the pink hair thing.

I also like how Gail writes nice things about my music and also occasionally my manner of dress. Gail notices things and then she takes them and writes about them and for that I will be forever grateful. She is also one of the very sweetest people I’ve ever met. Until she starts drinking and then there is a lot of namecalling and stuff but then I just try to just focus on her more positive qualities.

CD Review: “A Beginner’s Guide to the World’s Best Black Sabbath Tribute Band” by Hand Of Doom

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Hand of Doom CD Cover

Artist: Hand of Doom
Album: A Beginner’s Guide to the World’s Best Black Sabbath Tribute Band
Release Date: 2002
Label: Idaho/Retrophonic

Inspired by her visceral rock sensibilities amid MTV-spawned Osbourne’s-mania, former Hole/Smashing Pumpkins bassist, Melissa Auf Der Mauer formed Hand of Doom, a just-for-fun Black Sabbath tribute band, with friends Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age) and Pedro Yanowitz (ex-Wallflowers). Hand of Doom played three sold-out LA club gigs and captured the live magic of those shows for A Beginner’s Guide to the World’s Best Black Sabbath Tribute Band — your eight-song souvenir of these three enchanted evenings. This disc includes awesome, note-for-note renditions of “Paranoid,” “Fairies Wear Boots” and “War Pigs” — where Ozzy really went for the lyrical stretch, rhyming “Masses” with “Masses.” Auf Der Mauer’s vocals are especially beguiling on a mesmerizing version of “Changes,” which provides space to clear the sonic palette. Hand of Doom perfectly captures Sabbath’s dark majesty and this recording just sounds amazing. A fitting way to observe the Sabbath.

This article was originally written for Rolling Stone’s Online Magazine. Though Rolling Stone remains in print and online, this article is no longer a part of their archive and has been added to the content base of The Worley Gig for our readers’ enjoyment.

Troy Olsen, Country Artist

Gail is a true rock and roll patriot. In a business where you rarely find people who are truly talented, she is someone I will be working with again. That's
the best compliment I can give.

Andy Stochansky, Singer / Songwriter

Andy Stochansky

Gail Worley recently interviewed me for a bio for the release of my upcoming CD called 100. I realized while talking to her what a good interview does; it makes an artist feel respected and, at the end of the day, maybe that is all we are looking for.

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