Create Your Own South Park Character!

South Park Gail
South Park Gail!

My amazing pal Randy from Sony/Legacy Records, who is always sending me emails full of crazy stuff, sent me this link the other day, to a website where you can Create Your Own South Park Character.

I made a little South Park version of me (though they did not have an option for pink hair)! Anyway, this a really fun way to waste some time in the office or at home when you should be doing something much more productive.

Terry LeRoi, Owner/CEO, LeRoi Inc. (Manufacturer of Fine Body Jewelry)

Gail is an amazing writer. If you want to look your absolute best, you need to hire her! She spent the time to research our company, took all of our focal points and created a stellar promotional piece; the perfect representation of who we are, without a bunch of fabricated hype. Gail is extremely gifted, and I highly recommend her!

Bryan Head, Drummer (Abandoned Pools, Ross Golan and Molehead, Peter Case)

'Tis a rare gift to relate to these strange creatures known as…Drummers. Who could relate to a breed so primitive or advanced? Who, so brave to walk amongst the unknown? Our hero, Gail Worley, that's who. She who could make a drummer's garbled speech into full sentences; she who would take a chance and pitch a story to Modern Drummer about some no name renegade like me and make it happen. My Mom was so pleased! And I am very thankful. We salute you!

Jonny Polonsky, Maverick Rock and Roll Genius, and American Treasure

Jonny Polonsky

In this post-Lester Bangs, pre-Armageddon world of rock journalism, where only fast and easy money is held sacred, and Rock and Roll’s golden calf is sold for pennies on the pound from the chopping block, there is only one writer who can rise above the fetid morass to deliver the children from a certain and unholy existence: Worley. Gail, that is. Come to Mama, babies — it’s time.

Marc Slutsky, Drummer (Peter Murphy, Alexa Ray Joel, Ben Jelen, Splender, etc.)

Wow, what can I say? Gail is the best! She did my bio a while back and it came out great. Since then Gail and I have become good friends. I recommend Gail’s writing services to my colleagues and friends often. They always come back to me saying how great things turned out, 100% of the time! She loves music and it shows in her work.

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