Judy Coccuza, Drummer, Cheap Chick, ex- Betty Blowtorch

Gail is one of the few journalists that actually care about their subject matter. I know this first hand. It's a refreshing change of pace to be dealing with someone who has knowledge of the bands and people she interviews and it truly shows in her work. I always enjoying reading her columns, because I know they are going to be truthful, humorous and not filled with ass kissing filler material the label wanted thrown in. She is the real deal!

John Petkovic, Vocals/Guitar, Cobra Verde

Gail writes and talks about music as if she were still a fan of it. A novel idea? Exactly. That's why her take has enthusiasm and energy things that are all too often missing in music and the way we listen to it.

Chris Harfenist (AKA Tomato), Vocals/Drummer, The Sound of Urchin

Meeting with Gail to do an interview for my band’s bio was the kind of experience where I immediately felt like I knew her, without ever having met her before. She pressed ‘record’ on her mini-cassette, we popped open a couple cans of Bud, and proceeded to talk for the next hour about all kinds of things. That’s the kind of interview that all artists hope to do and, in-turn, it’s the kind of interview people want to read. Gail was totally prepared, engaging, relaxed, and most importantly, honest. Interviews shouldn’t be about what my favorite color is, they should be about what is going at the time of the interview… and that isn’t even an issue with Gail.

Neal Smith, Drummer, Alice Cooper Band

Alice Cooper Band

On the 8th Day, God said: “Let There Be Rock!” And it was written in Stone: Gail Worley Knows Rock, Gail Worley Is Rock, And Gail Is A World Class, Bad Ass Fantastic Rock Writer.

Keith Nelson, Guitarist, Buckcherry

Keth Nelson Gail Worley

Gail fucking rocks! Without a doubt, hers were the best interviews I’ve ever done. She’s always informed and prepared, even if your band sucks. I’m a fan! And she has pink hair!

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