Chris Harfenist (AKA Tomato), Vocals/Drummer, The Sound of Urchin

Meeting with Gail to do an interview for my band’s bio was the kind of experience where I immediately felt like I knew her, without ever having met her before. She pressed ‘record’ on her mini-cassette, we popped open a couple cans of Bud, and proceeded to talk for the next hour about all kinds of things. That’s the kind of interview that all artists hope to do and, in-turn, it’s the kind of interview people want to read. Gail was totally prepared, engaging, relaxed, and most importantly, honest. Interviews shouldn’t be about what my favorite color is, they should be about what is going at the time of the interview… and that isn’t even an issue with Gail.

Neal Smith, Drummer, Alice Cooper Band

Alice Cooper Band

On the 8th Day, God said: “Let There Be Rock!” And it was written in Stone: Gail Worley Knows Rock, Gail Worley Is Rock, And Gail Is A World Class, Bad Ass Fantastic Rock Writer.

Keith Nelson, Guitarist, Buckcherry

Keth Nelson Gail Worley

Gail fucking rocks! Without a doubt, hers were the best interviews I’ve ever done. She’s always informed and prepared, even if your band sucks. I’m a fan! And she has pink hair!

Chris Hesse, Drummer, Hoobastank

Gail has a way of putting people at ease and it shows in her interviews. Since being interviewed by Gail for Modern Drummer magazine, I've followed her work and read many interviews by her. I come away from her articles feeling like I know the person. It's refreshing to get deeper than just the meaning of a band name.

Robert Burke Warren, Singer/Songwriter

Gail Worley is a maverick, but she's an accessible maverick. Her taste is hard to predict and to pin down, and that is one of the things that make her such a great read. She delivers her material like a skilled conversationalist; one that informs and commiserates about the serious stuff, but also shares juicy, guilty pleasures all while giving the impression that she's open to response and debate about music (and other things), as long as it comes from a passionate place. Although Gail knows more than most, she's not a know-it-all, and not limited by worrying about whether or not she'll find folks that think just like she does. Although experienced enough to be wise to the ways of hype, she's not jaded or cynical; Gail is genuinely inspired by music of all stripes – regardless of whether it's hip, new, old, independent, mega, if mullet-heads like it or if indie geeks like it. And on top of it all, she's got chops as a writer. You know your reading a bona fide writer, not just a besotted fan or some computer geek on a screed. Her subjectivity is a pleasurable aspect of her stuff a rarity. She's perverse, twisted and funny – a guilty pleasure herself.

Mike Fasano, Drummer, Tiger Army, that’s what I call her. Sometimes I just think “Mmmm, Gail.” It’s plain and simple: Gail Worley is fucking hot! She rocks! Gail has her finger on the pulse of what’s going on in rock. That’s why she wrote my website bio, (a bunch of blah blah blah stuff about me). Why not just Enjoy Me ™ via Gail on the bio section of; The Official web site of Mike Fasano. Who? Exactly!

Matt Walker, Drummer, Morrissey, Filter, Smashing Pumpkins, Cupcakes, Garbage

It’s an amazing thing when an interview becomes a conversation, especially one where ideas are exchanged and the subject opens up to reveal aspects of the music that were either unintended or unconscious. In my Modern Drummer interview with Gail Worley, I discovered a new appreciation for my own work, and also that maybe all the subtleties I thought would probably go unnoticed actually had an impact on the listener. Her interview was like a getting a much needed second wind in the middle of a long set.

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