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Happy 4th Birthday to Worleygig.com!

4th Bday Balloon.jpg

Today the Staff of Worleygig.com celebrates four fantastic years on the web! Here’s a particularly awesome testimonial that came in a few days ago just to help us mark this great occasion!

“I first made Gail’s acquaintance while I was the managing editor of a small-but- growing music magazine in Philly. One of my duties in this position was to seek, manage and coddle our semi-talented, semi-literate and semi-paid staff of writers and contributors. One day, as I plodded and wept through yet another round of edits of the current month’s crop, I got a call from a fast-talking, but highly personable woman from New York who, for some inscrutable reason, was interested in writing for my crappy rag. She sounded confident and experienced, had a great sense of humor, seemed flexible as an interviewer and, most importantly, lived in New York City.
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