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Rock Stars as Super Heroes Mash Ups!

Rock Stars As Super Heroes

Artist and social satirist, Butcher Billy, has created a spot on selection of posters featuring very hilarious mash ups of DC Comics Super Heroes modeled after iconic 1980’s Pop Stars. Check This Out:

Super Morrissey

Robert Smith Plastic Man

See more squeal-inducing cleverness at >This Link!

Yes it Exists: The Joan Jett Barbie Doll

She Loves Rock & Roll

The Joan Jett Barbie Doll was released in December of 2009 as part of Mattel’s Ladies of The ’80s Barbie Doll collection (which also included dolls created in the likeness of Debbie Harry and Cindy Lauper). While the doll is no longer being manufactured, a quick Google search reveals that the fashionable and highly collectible Ms. Jett can be purchased at various locales on the Interwebs for between $44 and $56 — quite reasonable for such a find! Happy hunting!

Dale Bozzio is a Crazy Cat Lady

Dale Bozzio in 2003, Still Looks Pretty Good!

This weeks’ breaking story about former Missing Persons’ lead singer Dale Bozzio hoarding and mistreating dozens of cats is sad on so many levels. Not just for the fact that Bozzio neglected numerous pets to the point where they either died on their own or had to be put down due to illness, but because this situation shows just how far she’s fallen since she was a New Wave Popstar Queen back in the ‘80s. People worshipped Dale Bozzio back then. And now she’s just a crazy cat lady living in a filthy log cabin in the middle of nowhere and trying to get her fifteen minutes back. That’s just sad.