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Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Belt With Fried Egg Buckle

Yep, that’s what it is, alright.

Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Earrings

Bacon Earrings


What the Hell is Up with American Apparel and Their $6 Scrunchies?

Cheap Scrunchies Rule, OK

I realize that wearing a scrunchie in the hair is verboten in accepted fashion circles. But fuck that: I have very long hair that needs to be tied up on my daily commute through the PATH train wind tunnels, or if I am in any kind of breeze at all, otherwise I’ve got my hair flying all over the place and sticking to my lipstick and all kinds of unacceptableness. So, the scrunchie is pretty much a part of my daily accessorizing ritual, as it keeps the hair tied back neatly while adding a little splash of color to whatever outfit I am wearing.

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Bacon Thing of the Day: Bacon Watch!

Hear it Sizzle

Any time is Bacon time with this fashionable Bacon Watch! From Archee McPhee, “the irresistible allure of bacon has crossed over into the world of fashion! Each watch has a 1-1/8″ (2.9 cm) round clock face and straps that look like delicious slices of bacon. Vinyl strap, metal casing. Batteries included; fits most adult wrists. Makes a great gift for your Valentine at just $24.95!

Bacon Thing Of The Day: Bacon iPhone Case

Yep, That’s What it is

It’s been a couple of weeks since I put some kind of thing that looks-tastes-performs like Bacon on this here blog. So, let’s take a look at today’s Bacon Thing: the Bacon iPhone Case. How stylish!

Thanks be to Boing Boing for the tip!