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Alice Cooper’s "School’s Out" Reaches Number 1

Schools Out Cover
Alice Cooper Was a Band

On This Date, August 12th in 1972: The band called Alice Cooper (Dennis Dunaway, Neal Smith, Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce and Vincent Furnier) reached the top of the U.K. singles chart with “School’s Out, which spent three weeks on top. It was the band’s only number one single in the U.K.

Happy Valloween, or My Heart's a Muscle of Love!

Alice Cooper Band Circa 1974

I remember hearing Alice Cooper (the band)’s “Muscle of Love” back in the day and just grooving on it’s crazy riffs, being completely sexually naive and honestly not thinking much about what the hell Alice was singing about. The hilarious thing is that these days I’m extremely close friends with the Alice Cooper band’s drummer, Neal Smith, and he has assured me that when Alice sings “Holy Muscle of Love/Must be a gift from above,” he’s definitely singing about having a boner. Weee!!!  Neal has given me a lot of juicy inside dope on the band, but you will have to wait for our book to salivate over it. Happy Valloween everyone. Play safe and don’t forget to protect your heart!!!