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Video Clip of The Week: Woods, “New Light”

As someone who goes out of her way to live in the past, I am always intrigued by bands whose members could not possibly have been alive when the groups whose songs their music reminds me of were cranking out the chart-topping hits. That means either I’m so out of touch with what’s popular that I miss all the contemporary references (likely), or the guys in Woods are raiding their (Grand)parents record collections (also possible). Either way, all that matters to me is that I can connect a song like “New Light” with The Byrds’ “My Back Pages” and any Beatles or Rolling Stones song from the mid-sixties that threw a little then-revolutionary backwards-recorded guitar into the mix. Because that is how I roll.

This fun animated clip for “New Light” seems like it would be ideal for viewing on a Sunday morning (check) when you are just waking up from an Acid Hangover. Ask me how I know. The lo-fi animation is inspired by the cover art from Woods new album, With Light And With Love (released July 8th, 2014) – clever and relevant!

Woods is on tour across the USA into late August, and then they take off for Europe through September 27th. Consult the Google to find tour dates in your area. Enjoy!

Woods Band