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Bacon Thing of the Day: Bacon Ice Cream!

Ben & Jerry's Bacon Ice Cream
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The Ben & Jerry’s Bacon Ice Cream carton pictured above may be just a very clever Photoshop job, but Bacon Ice Cream does exist, and you can make some for yourself with the recipe found at This Link!

Destination: The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck 2
It’s Big, It’s Gay, It’s Ice Cream!

My pal Lisa over at Skulls & Bacon just turned me on to the joys of The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. According to the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, this purveyor of cold and creamy sweet delights will be in the Union Square vicinity until 6:00 PM this evening, so I m planning on a visit after work. Lisa was raving about the caramelized bacon and chocolate ice-cream sandwich, but I think I may have to go for a Vanilla Soft Serve with Dulce de Leche and Nilla Wafers. Heaven on a cone!

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck
Watch Me Eat This Thing