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Bacon Thing of The Day: The Baconery

The Baconery Bake Shop

The idea of adding crumbled bacon to a batch of chocolate chip cookies or using strips of the crispy stuff to adorn a Birthday Cake — these are not new ideas. What is new is the establishment of a bakery that focuses exclusively on creating innovative baked goods containing bacon. Bacon! Baconery Dot Com is an online bakery from which you can order so many delicious, bacony baked goods, it is just ridiculous. But what’s even better (at least for those of us living in New York City) is that Baconery has expanded to into the Brick & Mortar domain to now be available for in-person procurement at Books of Wonder, the Children’s Book Shop on West 18th Street in the Flatiron District. Oh, Happy Day.

Every delectable bacon-infused baked goodie that you find listed on Baconery’s Online Menu — from Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon cookies to White Chocolate Bacon Pretzel Rods — is available at the Books of Wonder bakery. I am on my way there now!

The Baconery is Located inside Books of Wonder Children’s Bookshop, 18 West 18th Street (just West of 5th Avenue), New York, NY 10011.

Thanks to Lisa Peller for The Tip!

Rad Website of the Day: Bastard Brownies!

Do you like to eat delicious, chocolaty brownies? I sure do. Mmmm, brownies. Yummy. But I really don’t like to have to bake them myself, for reasons I’d rather not go into here. If you are like me, the ideal situation is, of course, to either live with your Mom (not really an option), or find a good bakery and buy your brownie supply from that particular vendor. Here’s another question: do you like to help people? I like to help people. A lot of my friends are “enjoying” the unemployed lifestyle in these interesting times, and I’m reminded that those of us who are fortunate enough to earn a steady paycheck should maybe throw a little cash and /or kindness in the direction of those in need. It’s just the right thing to do. This combination of loving both brownies and selfless acts of charity brings me to The Worley Gig’s Rad Website of the Day: Bastard Brownies. Run by a lady who calls herself Meg, Bastard Brownies was created as a home business so Meg could earn some extra cash to make payments on the house her asshole fiancé left her with when he dumped her for the coffee barista down the block. Gee whiz, what a dick. Anyway, Meg tells the story better than I do, so you can read all about the asshole ex-fiancé whom she is most definitely better off without at this link. But anyway, Meg’s home-baked Bastard Brownies come in a variety of mouthwatering flavors, including the signature “Bastard” Brownie (The brownie with everything in it!) described below:

Chocolate chunks = His Heart of Coal
Walnuts = The small penis that I put up with for 6 ½ years!
Marshmallow = Mush. How his life will ultimately end up
Caramel Topping = How easily he slipped away

You can see Meg kept her sense of humor, which is so important. But what is even more important is that these brownies sound fucking awesome. Brownie lovers out there, help a sister out and order a batch of delicious Bastard Brownies right now!

Thanks to Justine For The Tip!