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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Baseball Cap with Pig Ears

pink pig hat photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

A smiling pig riding a motorcycle adorns the front of this eye-catching Hot Pink Baseball Cap that comes complete with a set of fuzzy pink pig ears! I spotted this unusual (and yet, appropriate) cap on the head of a fellow-reveler at the Great Big Bacon Picnic a few years back, and I found again it in my archives whilst trawling for photos of Pink Things! My guess is the pig is the mascot of a local motorcycle-enthusiasts club, and it has something to do with being a “hog on a hog.” Or something similar.

Xavier Lockett Exhibits Original Pipe Cleaner Art with Don Porcella!

Blue Dragon and X Hat
Blue Dragon By Xavier Lockett with X Hat By Don Porcella (All Photos By Gail)

Thursday night opening receptions in the Chelsea Gallery District are always a lot of fun for art fans, but last night the hottest exhibit on the Westside was Xavier Lockett and Don Porcella’s Dual Pipe Cleaner Art Exhibit at Ozaneaux Artspace. This exhibit has an excellent back-story.

Xavier and Sculpture
Xavier and one of his Pipe Cleaner Sculptures

Xavier Lockett, an 18-year old from Central Florida, has been diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition and he is currently recovering from a kidney transplant. Xavier has always wanted to dedicate his life to being a professional artist working with pipe cleaners, but never believed he would be able to live out his dream. Was it even possible to be a professional pipe cleaner artist? Those were Xavier’s thoughts when he came across the artwork of Don Porcella on the Internet while working with Make-A-Wish Foundation. Don is, of course, a fine artist whose medium is pipe cleaners. You’ve seen his work here on The Gig!

Rainbow Eagle
Rainbow Winged Eagle Holding Diamond Encrusted Skull by Don Porcella

Upon discovering Don’s Pipe Cleaner sculptures, it became the young, aspiring artist’s one true wish to meet Don Porcella. Make-A-Wish contacted Don and asked him to write a letter of encouragement to Xavier while he recovered from his surgery, giving him tips on how to become a professional artist.

White Bread and Action Figure
White Bread By Don and Action Figure by Xavier

Don offered instead to have Xavier fly to New York City and work alongside him in his studio, where he could teach Xavier his techniques and processes, awakening Xavier’s imagination and opening him up to new possibilities. How awesome is that?

Mulitple Action Figures
Multiple Action Figures By Xavier Lockett

The work they created together was exhibited last evening at a one-night only celebration on West 20th Street. Ozaneaux Artspace is an alternative venue dedicated to supporting emerging artists and championing social change, and the owners, Nikki and Fred, graciously donated the space for last night’s show. All of Xavier’s work was up for sale and 100% of the proceeds went directly to Xavier.

Art Dealer and Action Figure
Art Dealer By Don and Action Figure By Xavier

There was a huge turn out for the exhibit and everyone had fun checking out Xavier’s cool action figures rendered in colorful pipe cleaners. The main attraction of the show though was a large blue Dragon created by Xavier, which was displayed alongside a pipe cleaner Baseball Cap emblazoned with an “X” that Don made especially for his protégé. It was a great night for both artists and everyone involved and attending the exhibit. Thanks to Don and Ginger Porcella and the folks at Ozaneaux Artspace for making Xavier’s wish come true!

Blue Dragon
Here’s another shot of that amazing Blue Dragon!

Don Porcella Self Portrait
Don Porcella Self Portrait

Top Ten Reasons for a Justifiable Fashion Arrest

Listed here in descending order of grievous offense:

Image Source

10. Baseball Caps worn indoors or at any time other than winter (for warmth) or summer (for sun protection). Hiding your bald spot with a hat suggests that perhaps you need to work on your self esteem problems. Just saying.


9. Visible Panty Lines (aka VPL). God made thongs for a reason.


8. Wearing Shoes without Socks. This is a great way to get some impressive and painful blisters,  to share your smelly feet with others and also encourage a staph infection (just ask punk rock legend Mike Watt, who almost died from one).

“No Crocs.”

7. Crocs worn in public. No further commentary is necessary.

He’s Still Here

6. Long Beards. A Beard is a fashion statement that loudly proclaims, “I Have Something to Hide!”

Behold: The Triumvirate of Douche

5. Sunglasses worn at night or indoors. Unless you are blind or suffer from an eye disease, wearing sunglasses indoors or at night indicates that you are first-class hipster tool. Thank you for making yourself so easily identifiable!

4. Tube Tops. I really hate Tube Tops. They look like hell on almost everyone.

“Hi, I’m Homeless!”

3. Skirts worn over Jeans. Holy cut-offs, Batman, what an awkward, ill-advised look. WTF is up with that? I don’t see this puzzling choice for covering the lower half of the body so much lately (though it was all over the street a couple of years ago) which means it must have, mercifully, gone out of fashion.

“I have no class”

2. Incompatible bra style for a top. Ladies, trust me: no one wants to see your bra straps. Virtually all bra manufacturers make a t-back style bra meant to be worn with a t-back top. Invest $25 in your wardrobe and eliminate the ghetto bra look forever!

“Lookin’ Like a  Fool…”

1. Pants belted below the ass – the ultimate statement in fashion retardation! I am told that wearing your pants in this style emulates incarcerated individuals who are no longer allowed to own a belt. Wow, talk about being misguided when it comes to choosing your role models – let alone fashion icons! I say if a guy wants to emulate prisoners so badly, why not just make it illegal to wear your pants below your ass and throw these clowns in prison where they obviously want to be anyway? Win win!

Coming Soon: Top Ten Things You Do On The Bus That Make Me Want to Smash You In The Face