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Roomful of Bozos

Bozos Store Front
Donald Trump and His Campaign Staff Finally Behind Bars Where They Belong! (All Photos By Gail )

Well, I had to stop and snap some Instagram fodder when I walked by this restaurant (see B for Bozo rating in window) located on the north side of Houston Street just east of Avenue A.

Bozo 1

I looked these up on the Interwebs, and apparently they are called “Bop Bags.”

Bozo 2

Look how happy they are!

Bozos Bars

R.I.P. Bozo the Clown

Larry Harmon Poses With the Clown That Made Him Famous

Larry Harmon, better known as one of many actors to portray the frightening, redheaded ‘60s children’s show host Bozo the Clown, has died at age 83. As a kid, I used to watch the original Bozo The Clown show on TV, but that was more because it was the only thing on, as opposed to it being really high quality broadcast entertainment. Bozo was the most ghetto kids’ show ever, but the character still gets bragging rights in the “Entertainment legend” category, even if the show absolutely sucked. And I’m not much of a fan of clowns anyway.