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Pink Thing Of The Day: Pink Flamingo Pool Statue

Flamingo Pool Statue
All Photos By Gail

Ah, California at Christmastime is a singular experience, filled with visions of kidney-shaped swimming pools expertly re-created by the pool replastering Orange County company and of course, oversized Pink Flamingo statues.

Swimming Pool and Famingo

Because, why not?

Swimming Pool and Famingo

Swimming Pool and Famingo



Home for the Holidaze

Actual Picture of California at Christmas

I finally landed at LAX around 2:30 this morning. I’ve already told Sue that she gets one of my kidneys if she ever needs one – for picking me up at the airport, you know. Kidneys for everyone! This afternoon we are going to see a performance of the play Jesus Christ, Superstar, which, oddly, still stars Ted Neeley (star of the original movie, made back in the ’70s). Apparently, in this version of the story, Jesus lives to be sixty. A true Christmas miracle! More later as it develops.

Gail's California Christmas Adventure

Sue and Gail: Going to the Beach in December is Fun!

I just got back at midnight from six wonderful days in California, where the most excercise I got was shutting the car door and lifting a fork to my mouth! It was sunny and warm every day I was there and I had the chance to visit a bunch of old friends, the kind you only get to see once a year (or less) due to living in different parts of the country. That is always fun, especially when you can reminisce about/make fun of all the losers who graduated high school or college with you and are now fat and divorced with dysfunctional grown kids who still live with them. Good times.
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