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HomerBob: The Homer Simpson SpongeBob MashUp Mural On Stanton Street

Homer Bob
All Photos By Gail

I’ve been noticing this mural out the window of the M15 SBS bus as it speeds up Allen Street during my journey home from work on selected evenings. From the look of it, I assumed this was just a mural of Homer Simpson’s face peaking out from the side of a building on Stanton Street. But on closer inspection, it proved to be much more.

Homer Bob

Anyone who is up on their pop culture would recognize the hand at the left as belonging to the beloved cartoon character — and star of his own Broadway musical — SpongeBob SquarePants, and when you closely examine Homer’s face, he has quite obviously taken on the complexion of SpongeBob. Thus, this is HomerBob, the creation of street artist Jerkface.

Homer Bob

Homer Bob

He’s just next to the MeatBall Shop! Yummy!

Homer Bob

Pink Thing of The Day: Pinky and The Brain Graffiti Truck

Pinky and The Brain Box Truck
Photo By Gail

This colorful box truck decorated with graffiti and a terrific image of Pinky and The Brain was spotted on East 14th Street near First Avenue.

The text on the truck says, “Tell a friend to tell a friend that it’s them again…”

Cartoon Character Custom-Painted Midcentury Chair

Cartoon Character Midcentury Chair
All Photos By Gail

Oh, the crazy cool things I find totally by accident that end up on this blog! It was a bright red neon sign, spotted way in the back of a newish indoor shopping emporium on Broadway in Soho that drew me in from the street and, look at this awesome chair! Just look at it!

Cartoon Character Midcentury Chair

As part of a custom commission for  which he was given complete artistic control, artist Noel (Instagram @Noel_Painted_That) has created this vibrant and utterly delightful collage of famous carton characters which will eventually cover all surfaces of an Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair (is it an original or a  knock off? Who knows).

Cartoon Character Midcentury Chair Detail

While I recognized popular characters such as Betty Boop, Scooby Doo, Goofy, Toucan Sam and Sponge Bob, Noel admitted that he is having fun with this project, creating mash-ups and taking artist liberties with some characters to totally make over the piece in his own style. I think it looks fantastic!

Cartoon Character Midcentury Chair

Noel also custom paints T-Shirts and Hats and even objects such as Guitars. If you’re local, you can visit him in the store, or find him on Instagram at Noel_Painted_That.

Art of Your Mind is Located at 433 Broadway, Soho, NYC.

Cartoon Character Midcentury Chair

Beavis & Butthead Adventure Time Mash Up T-Shirt


Beavis is Jake the Dog and Butthead is Finn the Human in this hilarious Beavis & Butthead /Adventure Time Mash Up T-Shirt. Get this fun design on a T-Shirt for just $19.95, or on other swag priced accordingly, at This Link!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Van

All Photos By Gail

When I was in California at Christmastime, a friend and I spent an afternoon visiting a few locations in Pasadena when you can see the Rose Parade floats in the process of being built. That was really fun and totally recommended! At one location, they also had booths set up where you could buy overpriced Rose Parade and Rose Bowl swag, and that’s where I saw this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Van!

TMNT Van Front Grill

TMNT Van Right Side View

Foot Stinks? I do not know what it means.

TMNT Van Rear View

Apparently this Van is fan-owned and not affiliated with the Ninja Turtles, Nickelodeon or any other official TMNT organizations. Find out more about the TMNT Van by visiting This Link!