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Merry Christmas 2018!

Red Christmas Ball
Photo By Gail

Thanks for a record traffic year, Dear Readers, and Happy Christmas to All!

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Dinosaur Christmas Tree Ornament

Pink Dinosaur Christmas Tree Ornament
All Photos By Gail

Like it or not, it’s time to start picking up Holiday decorations for your home. If you have a Flying Tiger store in your town, get over there now, because they are stocked wall-to-wall with amazing stuff for the holidays, including a selection cool glass ornaments for your tree. Check out this Pink Dinosaur, which I saw while I was shopping there recently.

Pink Dinosaur Christmas Tree Ornament

I’m pretty sure it is meant be a Stegosaurus, and the price is only $3!

Pink Dinosaur Christmas Tree Ornament

Head over there  and pick one (or more) up now, before they are all extinct!

Santa Pig!

Santa Pig

Thanks to Lisa Hass for the Image.

Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Holiday Ornament

Wow! How cool is this? A Bacon Ornament to hang on your holiday tree! Amazing. Made of dazzling plastic and measuring 4.25 inches, the Bacon Ornament will be available for purchase in October for just $5.95 at This Link!

Thanks to Karl Brandt for the Tip!

Holiday Craft Project: Make an Action Figure Wreath!

Star Wars Wreath By Bonnie Burton

Here’s a fun thing you can do this holiday season – by yourself or with your kids – to get in the Christmas spirit and make the house look much more festive. Bonnie Burton made the wreath pictured above out of Star Wars character action figures that she painted green and then attached to a foil wreath that you can buy at any crafts store. Any action figures or small plastic toys can be used and this is a great opportunity to maybe clean out your kid’s toys chest and give those little guys a second life. You could probably even make a trip to the 99 cent store and order clear perspex sheets and other supplies for cheap that way. Bonnie provides step by step instructions for how to make the wreath at This Link.

Thanks to Neatorama Dot Com For The Tip!