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It’s Raining Tacos T-Shirt

Its Raining Tacos T Shirt

Do you like Tacos? I sure do. I bet there is even a hard-to-buy-for friend or relative on your Christmas Gift List who loves Tacos. Wouldn’t he or she look really excellent in this It’s Raining Tacos T-Shirt. Sure they would. Designed by 8-BitHero.com, this beautiful and comfy shirt is available in a array of sizes, styles and colors (shown here in Turquoise) with prices starting at just $21.95! Shop
’til you drop right now at This Link!

Its Raining Tacos Detail

Pink Thing of The Day: Soap & Glory Big Pink Gift Set!

Soap and Glory Big Pink
Photo By Gail

Hey, are you looking for the perfect Holiday gift for a female friend, relative, or co-worker for whom you are the office party “Secret Santa,” but maybe you have no idea of her tastes? If she likes to pamper herself (and if she also likes the color Pink, that is a bonus) she might want to receive a box of skincare / beauty items from Soap & Glory, which they call the Big Pink gift set. Here is what comes in the box:

Clean On Me Shower Gel, Scrub Of Your Life Body Buffer, Righteous Butter, Hand Food Hand Cream, Heel Genius Foot Cream, a super-sudsy Shower Puff and a Headband. That is a lot of nice stuff!

The Soap & Glory Big Pink Gift Set sells for the bargain price of $40.00 is exclusive to Walgreens Drug Stores and Duane Reade here in NYC, and you can also buy it online at This Link!

Musical Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree

Good Grief! This charming replica of Charlie Brown’s iconic Christmas Tree plays the Peanuts theme song! Christmas!


  • Leave it Bare or Dress It Up (A single Red Christmas Ornament is included)
  • Height: 24″
  • Requires 2x AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Minor Assembly Required

Sale Priced for the Holidaze at just $34.95! Click This Link to own it for yourself!

For The Person Who Has Everything: Giftybox! (A Holiday Gift Rant)

Christmas totally rocks; Christmas shopping, not so much. But I am way into the belief that it is far better to give than to receive. Every year for the past ten years or so, as Christmas season rolls around and my family begs me to give them ideas of what I would like to receive as a gift, I tell them this: please don’t get me anything that I can’t use up. There are a few good reasons that I offer this suggestion. First of all, I have everything I want because if I want something, I buy it.

Secondly, I live in a small NYC apartment where I am already pushing maximum density as far as storage space goes. And I can’t afford to move, so please don’t buy me “things” unless they are replacing other things that I am going to throw away. Thirdly, my parents are under the somewhat misbegotten impression that I am the world’s most eccentric freak when it comes to taste in everything from clothes to books. I swear, my Mom has purchased holiday gifts for me that give the impression she’s shopping for someone she’s never even met, let alone helped to raise. (Although last Christmas she did buy me a hot pink iPod, god love her.) Here’s what I want for Christmas this year: gift cards to Trader Joe’s (because I like to eat) or Amazon.com (because I like to read) or The Body Shop (because I like to be soft and clean and smell good).

I am betting there are many people out there who would also prefer to be given gifts they can use up, like dinner at a nice local restaurant or a massage at that bitchen day spa they’ve always wanted to go to, or a trip to a cooking class. I have just discovered how you can make that happen, in a creative way for a very reasonable price. Tagged as “The Experience Gift,” Giftybox allows you to give the ultimate gift for “the person who has it all,” or, you know, someone who is just particular in their tastes.

Some of the experience gifts available through Giftybox include adventures (such as scuba diving, scenic flights and horseback riding), wine tasting tours, dinners for two, classes (martial, arts dancing, cocktail making, etc) and spa treatments for both men and women, all priced from $34.99 to $100. In every case, the Giftybox experience is priced well below retail value (some of the beauty treatments available are worth well over the $89 cost of the Giftybox) and – this is my favorite part – if you want to join your Gift Recipient on the “gift experience” you can buy an extra gift pass at a significantly reduced price. Win win! And the best part is you can do all your shopping without leaving your computer! Check out the adventures and gift experiences available at Giftybox right now!

Inflatable Fruitcake!

When it comes to holiday foods I want to avoid, fruitcake is at the top of my list. People hate fruitcake because it is dry and gross and full of weird ingredients like candied orange peel and other incredible dreck like that. Barf. Please don’t give me a fruitcake. But honestly, who wouldn’t love to receive this neato Inflatable Fruitcake as a gift this year? I’m getting one for everybody on my list! Available for just $11.95 at This Link!