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Pink Thing of the Day: Nuvo Sparkling Vodka!

I Would Drink It

On what was surely the hottest day of the year last summer, I was invited to a party held at a duplex in Chelsea that I would have to be richer than god to afford. The party was thrown by a company that makes foundation garments (i.e. underwear) for women who are a size three but want to fit into clothes that are a size zero. Retarded.

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Neat Thing Of The Day: Illuminated Color Changing Drink Coasters!

What does it say about my life’s degree of happening-ness that the high point of my day so far has been discovering these color-changing light-up drink coasters that you can buy online? I am not quite sure how to answer that question, but check these things out! You put a drink on it and it lights up, and then changes color! OMG! Party! I need to own them. Each coaster measures 3 ¾ inches square and sells for $23.95 per set of four. Available to own now by visiting Amazon at This Link.

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Elephant Cocktail Buddies

Pink Elephant Cocktail Buddies

Because all cocktails taste more refreshing – and get you drunker – when there are little plastic toys hanging off the rim of the glass! Available from Archie McPhee for only $9.95 for a box of 50 tiny pink elephants! Cheers!