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Cooking with Gail Presents: Easy Tofu Stir Fry!

Nasoya Organic Tofu

Hello and welcome to another installment of Cooking with Gail: the series that is all about me making a meal from whatever I can find in my house. In this episode, I made the most delicious Tofu Stir Fry using Nasoya brand Tofu Plus, which is a fantastic, cholesterol-free meat substitute, even if you are not vegan or vegetarian! Nasoya Tofu Plus is organic non-GMO and vitamin fortified, so you know it’s a healthy choice. Continue reading Cooking with Gail Presents: Easy Tofu Stir Fry!

Cooking with Gail Presents: Belgian Waffle Sundae Featuring CherryMan Maraschino Cherries!

herryman Maraschino Cherries

Hello and welcome to another exciting installment of Cooking with Gail: the series that is all about me making a delicious dish from whatever I already have on hand in my apartment!

In early July, I attended both the Summer Fancy Food Show and Summer Food Fete almost back to back, and I returned home from each with a ton of tasty snack foods to sample.

Pearl Sugar Belgian Waffle

At Summer Fancy Food, I picked up this Unique Belgique brand- Pearl Sugar Belgian Waffle. These thick waffles are a wildly popular snack in Europe and this one was dotted with crunchy Pearl Sugar crystals, which made it extra sweet and decadent. When I came across this specialty treat in my kitchen cabinets, it said only one thing to me: Belgian Waffle Sundae!

Waffle With Ice Cream

You may recall that a while back I was sent an entire cooler full of Thrive brand Ice Cream, so I knew I had the appropriate vanilla ice cream already waiting just inches away in my freezer.

Belgian Waffle Sunday

The delicious fudge sauce is courtesy of Brother Jimmy’s BBQ, who included a jar of their house-made sundae topping in a gift bag after I attended a dessert showcase event at their Union Square location. Food Swag!

The sundae was shaping up nicely but, of course, it needed a Cherry on Top. As luck would have it, I had a Fun Size jar of Cherryman Maraschino Cherries in my fridge that I’d picked up at Food Fete — see how it all came together so effortlessly! Yummy and indulgent with zero shopping involved!

Cherryman makes an all natural, Farm to Market Maraschino that is sweet but not overly so, and that still maintains a fruity, natural cherry flavor. They’re also preservative-free and can be used in lots of recipes — including in your favorite cocktail! Learn More about Cherryman Maraschino Cherries, get recipes and find out where to purchase their products at This Link!

Cooking With Gail Presents: Single Lady’s Pasta Night

Del Grosso Garlic Pasta Sauce

Hello and welcome to the second installment of Cooking with Gail: the series that is all about me making a meal from whatever I can find in my house. This week, I was very busy making the scene and had no time to grocery shop. So, Friday evening found me at home, famished and looking through my pantry for foods I could combine into some kind of tasty meal without having run out to the store or resort to ordering in. Continue reading Cooking With Gail Presents: Single Lady’s Pasta Night

Cooking With Gail Presents: Quick & Delicious Quesadilla Made with Reduced Fat Tortillas and Hass Avocados!

Editors Showcase Display
All Photos By Gail

Like many transplanted Californians living in Manhattan, I am always on the lookout for good Mexican food, which can be a challenge. That’s probably why I generally have a package of tortillas in my fridge, so I can satisfy a Mexican food craving on short notice by whipping up a tasty Quesadilla with whatever I have on hand. Because it’s the little things that make a difference.

This past week, I attended the Editor Showcase press event featuring healthy and nutritious foods. One of my favorite exhibitors was the La Tortilla Factory, where they were serving mini chicken wraps in their booth, made with their yummy reduced fat flour tortillas. Smart & Delcious Flour Tortillas have 1/3 fewer calories of regular flour tortillas, and they taste amazing. I made sure to toss a package in my swag bag as I made my rounds

La Tortilla Factory

Avocado Central Dot Com was also on hand, representing Hass Avocados, offering many delicious avocado recipes to sample and promoting healthy facts about Avocados — the world’s most misunderstood fruit. They also had a big bowl of Hass Avocados to give away, so you can be sure one found its way into my bag, because I already knew I was going to be bringing that creamy avocado fruit together with my newly acquired package of tortillas.

Today I made this delicious lunch for myself:

Quesadilla Fixings 3
Ingredients (Click on any Photo to Enlarge for Detail)

Melted Cheese
Melt grated cheddar or colby cheese on the tortilla in a warm, lightly greased non-stick pan.

Halved Hass Avocado

Quesadilla with Sliced Avocado

Add as many thin slices of ripe Hass Avocado as you please.

Finished Quesadilla

Top with a second tortilla and grill on other side until lightly browned. Garnish with a drizzle of hot sauce and more avocado, slice into quarters and enjoy! So Yummy!

Find out tons of healthy facts about avocados and get lots of tasty recipes at This Link. Also please visit the informative and taste-tempting website of La Tortilla Factory by clicking Right Here. Mucho Gusto!