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Drumkit Cake

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I can’t believe that this is the first Drumkit Cake I’ve come across in my trek across the interwebs, and yet, it is so. It is easy to say that this cake, or cakes, as it were, could be improved by setting each “Drum” cake layer on a proper stand, thus setting it up as a more authentic-looking kit. Also, not to mention, but you can see I am about to, this set up is quite obviously two snares and a tom, which is just wrong. But I suppose that fortunate recipients of Drumkit Cakes cannot be choosers.

Sex Pistols 40th Birthday Cake

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It seems like a gazillion of my FaceBook friends are having a Birthday today – it’s crazy! One of those friends is my great pal Randy, who knows more about cool music than any person I’ve met on the planet so far. Randy! Anyway, Randy posted this photo of a Sex Pistols Birthday Cake on his Facebook Wall and it looked so cool I was moved to conduct a little search to find the original picture, which is of the cake from the 40th Birthday celebration of a guy named Paul King (see image source link above) back in May of 2008! History! If it is your birthday today, I hope it is  awesome, and that you have a cake at least as cool as the one that inspired this post!

Aquarium Cake!

Aquarium Cake

What you see here  looks like an Aquarium, but it is actually an amazing Birthday Cake! Find out how to make it at This Link!

Aquarium Cake

Shark Attack Cupcakes

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Stay away from the water! Just kidding! These menacing looking treats are merely adorable shark cupcakes made with icing-covered Twinkie halves, chocolate wafer cookies for the fins and decorated with red fruit leather. Shark Attack!

Thanks to Vonda Dix for the Tip!

Rubik’s Cube Cake


It is no secret that I love cake! And if the cake is made to look like something other than a regular cake, I love it even more. Check out this Rubik’s Cube Cake that you can make either from scratch (recipe included) or from a mix, using just the icing details. Delicious fun!

Courtesy of Neatorama via Pimp That Snack!