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Cuteness Alert: Pigs in Hats!

Pigs in Hats
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Seriously, I cannot even live with this much cuteness.

Cuteness Alert: Teacup Piglets

Teacup Piglets

Cute Enough to Eat!

Cuteness Alert: Baby Sloth

Baby Sloth

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It’s just a baby sloth. Slothfully Adorable!

Cuteness Alert: Baby Wombats!

Look a these adorable Baby Wombats! Look at them scamper and play! These little guys remind me of a bear cub crossed with piglet. So darn cute!

Thanks to Colin Christian for Inspiring me to post about Baby Wombats

Cuteness Alert: Wee Piglet

I just died from the intense cuteness factor of this very wee piglet. So, I am dead now.

Cuteness Alert: Kitten Crash Test

Seriously, turn the sound way up on this one as you watch tiny kitten fluffballs “crash” into each other. OMG, the cuteness.

Cuteness Alert: Hamster Thing Eating a Grape

Hamster with Grape

The Cuteness

Look at this little Hamster thing eating a grape. How fucking cute is that? Don’t its eyes look just like those black marbles that the eyes of everyone in True Blood’s Bon Temps turn into when MaryAnn works her orgy–inciting mojo on them? Hamster orgy!

Too Cute to Live: Yoda-Eared Baby Hedgehog


Thanks to Neatorama for the tip, where they are holding a captioning contest for this adorable photo. Head on over and have at it.

Cuteness Alert: Kingsford the Tiny Pig Goes To The Beach!

Everybody knows that – whether running freely on the beach or sizzling deliciously in a pan – I love pigs! Here is a cute video of Kingsford the tiny piglet having a typical day’s worth of adventures with his human family. My favorite part of the video is when the evil Siamese cat is afraid of the tiny pig. Later, they go to the beach and Kingsford just jumps into the ocean and begins to swim about happily. Pigs are awesome.