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Cuteness Alert: Teddy In the Snow

Teddy In the Snow
Photo By Geoffrey


Cuteness Alert: Teddy!

Photo By Gail

Geoffrey’s neighbor has the most adorable dog, Teddy (pictured above). Teddy (pronounced “Teddeeeee!”) is an inquisitive and friendly puppy, and thus is fond of traveling from his owner’s apartment over to Geoffrey’s via their adjacent balconies. Here we see Teddy posed ever so cutely in a terracotta planter. “Teddeeeee!” we called out to him, but he would not come into the apartment for a visit. Not on this occasion, anyway.

Cuteness Alert: Pigs in Hats!

Pigs in Hats
Image Source

Seriously, I cannot even live with this much cuteness.

Cuteness Alert: Piglet with Pink Heart Shaped Glasses

Pig With Pink Glasses
Image Source


Cuteness Alert: Dancing Seagulls

This must be some kind of mating ritual, I suppose, but with the backing music it just made me chuckle. So cute!

Thanks to Buzz60 For The Tip!

Cuteness Alert: Teacup Piglets

Teacup Piglets

Cute Enough to Eat!

Cuteness Alert: Baby Bat!

Baby Bat Meme
Image Source

Halloween Cuteness!

Cuteness Alert: Smiling Baby Lamb

Smiling Lamb
Image Source

How can you not smile back at this little guy? So cute! Thanks to Naomi for the tip!

Cuteness Alert: Corgi In The Mirror


Thanks to Neatorama for the tip!

Cuteness Alert: Baby Sloth

Baby Sloth

Image Source

It’s just a baby sloth. Slothfully Adorable!