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Cuteness Alert: Piglet Squid

Piglet Squid
Image Source

I’m not sure if it squeals, but I am squealing right now. Meet the Piglet Squid and find out more about its life deep in the sea at This Link.

Update July 2019

This Video of a Piglet Squid Just Made The News! Remember That You Saw It Here First!

Cuteness Alert: Dumbo Octopus

Dumbo Octopus
Image Source

It has been a long while since I had a squee-worthy thing to share with you under the guise of the Cuteness Alert. But I think you will agree that this Dumbo Octopus, so named for its “floppy ears” (which you can’t fully appreciate in this photo) is simply cuteness distilled. Squee.

Cuteness Alert: Piglet Sleeping on Plastic Strawberry

Piglet on a Strawberry

Let the squeeling begin.

Thanks to Wanda Rodriguez for the Image!

Cuteness Alert: Baby Wombats!

Look a these adorable Baby Wombats! Look at them scamper and play! These little guys remind me of a bear cub crossed with piglet. So darn cute!

Thanks to Colin Christian for Inspiring me to post about Baby Wombats

Cuteness Alert: Kiss Kitty!

OK, I know this picture combines two of my not favorite things: Gene Simmons’ face and cats. But it’s getting close to Halloween and, you know, cuteness.

Thanks to Dave Hoover For The Image!

Cuteness Alert: Fistful of Kittens


OK,  I am not by any stretch of the imagination someone you would refer to as a “cat person,” but these little guys are just cute as heck. If only they would stay this small.

Thanks to Carol Powell Via Frank Kozik for the Image!

Cuteness Alert: Tiny Bear Cubs Wrestle in the Road

Will you get a load of the tinier of these two bear cubs? Is that not the tiniest bear you’ve ever seen? This video was filmed in California’s Yosemite National Park earlier this past summer. Can’t believe it’s taken it this long to go viral! Cuteness!