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Cuteness Alert: Pug Wearing Pug Slippers

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Cuteness Alert: Baby Owl in Knit Hat

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Yes, this is a real baby owl wearing a knit cap. So cute, I can’t even live.

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Cuteness Alert: Guinea Pig in a Santa Suit

Guinea Pig Santa
Santa Pig Is Coming To Town

If you’ve been looking all over town for a Santa Claus outfit in which to dress your pet guinea pig, look no further than Cuddly Cavies. With a baffling assortment of “handmade to order” fun costumes available – and for such bargain prices – Cuddly Cavies is ready to clothe your pig in the appropriate seasonal garb. See more cute pictures and get ordering information at This Link.

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Guinea Pig Santa HatGuinea Pig Santa Hat is just $5!

Cuteness Alert: Small Rabbits in Paper Cups

My friend Greg says that rabbits are the worst. pets. ever. because all they do is poop on everything. But dang if this one minute long video of two small rabbits wiggling their nosses while perched in paper cups isn’t too cute to be believed. Cuteness!

Cuteness Alert: Elephant Shrew

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Fun Fact: The Elephant Shrew, so named for its “always twitching proboscis,” has such a high metabolic rate that it is always hungry.

Cuteness Alert: Kitten and Puppy Make Out!

I swear, I could die from the cuteness.

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Cuteness Alert: Baby Kangaroos Playing On The Beach!

This is so cute, I can barely even live.

Quote of The Day From Daniel Tosh!

“The only thing better than the cutest kitty in the world is any dog.”

Cuteness Alert: Sneezing Baby Panda!


Cuteness Alert: Hamster Thing Eating a Grape

Hamster with Grape

The Cuteness

Look at this little Hamster thing eating a grape. How fucking cute is that? Don’t its eyes look just like those black marbles that the eyes of everyone in True Blood’s Bon Temps turn into when MaryAnn works her orgy–inciting mojo on them? Hamster orgy!