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Tongue Armchair

tongue armchair
Lick It Up (Image Source)

The Paszcza armchair, designed by Poland-based design studio WAMHOUSE embraces a unique, modern and creative design owing to its red cushioned seat, designed to resemble a tongue. Gene Simmons would approve!

Lips Wall Decal By Wallflower

Lips Wall Decal by Wallflower

What? WTF? Giant Lips Wall Decal? I want this. I want this on my wall. Buy it now (and buy one for me, while you’re at it) over at The Fancy Dot Com for just $185 at This Link!

Dream Living Room, Jonathan Adler Store, Madison Avenue

Jonathan Adler Blue Living Room With Octopus

I want everything in this ’60s Mod Living Room Tableau.

Jonathan Adler Living Room 2

Jonathan Adler Blue Living Room Throw Pillows

Jonathan Adler Blue Living Room Table Piece

Found, Photographed and Deeply Admired at the Jonathan Adler Store, 1097 Madison Avenue at 83rd Street, NYC.

Drinkman: The Walkman-Shaped Hip-Flask

Drinkman Walkman Hip Flask
Drink in The Nostalgia

Hey Oldsters, who out there remembers way back when recorded music was first made “portable” through SONY’s invention of the Walkman cassette player? Let me repeat that: Walkman. Cassette. Player. Who knows what any of those words even mean, right? It was so long ago, and you probably weren’t even born yet. Continue reading Drinkman: The Walkman-Shaped Hip-Flask