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Grilled Cheese Donut Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Donut for Bread

The above grilled cheddar cheese sandwich served between two halves of a glazed donut (Look Here for possible inspiration) is probably the least fancy of a selection of Grilled Cheese Donut Sandwiches found on the menu at Cincinnati’s Tom & Chee restaurant, which specializes in grilled cheese concoctions of every conceivable combination. I wish I lived in Cincinnati.

Mmmmm…Donut Burger…

Donute Burger for Breaksfast
I Would Eat It

The Donut Burger is not a myth or culinary legend: it really exists. Originally invented by the late R&B singer, Luther Vandross when he ran out of hamburger buns and instead placed his delicious meaty burger between two glazed donuts, the donut burger and its assorted variations, such as the Bacon and Egg Brunch Burger really do exist. Imagine how much more popular, controversial (and deadly) McDonald’s would be if only they dared to add a McDonut Burger to their morning breakfast menu? Mmmm . . . so tasty!