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Shark Week Drinking Game!

Shark Week Drinking Game
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Happy Shark Week, Everybody!

24 Drinking Game

24 New Season

Hey what’s up. A new season of the mysteriously popular TV show 24 starts tonight and I’m not that excited about it, as I have never been a fan. But now that the shittiest TV show I would ever admit to watching, The Following, is done for the season I think I’ll be DVRing this thing just to see what all the fuss is about. Because, Kiefer Sutherland.

Which brings me to this Jack Bauer 24 Drinking Game that my friend Nick posted on his rad blog, The Littlest Winslow, which I think everyone should play while watching the show. Because, drinking! Read the rules of the 24 Drinking Game at This Link!

Emmys Drinking Game!

Emmys Drinking Game_Lights Camera Booze
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Twilight Drinking Game

Twilight Drinking Game Rules

Har De Har.