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Floor Tom Refrigerator

Floor Tom Fridge

I found this photo of a mini-fridge made from a modified Floor Tom Shell posted on the FaceBook page of a friend. I knew immediately that I needed to steal it for this blog, so that it could join the legions of posts about drumkit cakes and drumkits made from discarded barrels and snare drum lamps. I did a lot of Googling on this item and I couldn’t find an original image source or a vendor/price, so it you happen to have any further information on whether this item is real or Photoshopped (in which case, nice job!) please leave it in the comments!

Five Piece Drumkit Cake

While the cake pictured above lacks in the attention to detail that you see in This Cake, I like that it has a proper kick drum and is set up a bit more like an actual kit. It probably tastes pretty good, too!

Drumkit Cake

Image Source

I can’t believe that this is the first Drumkit Cake I’ve come across in my trek across the interwebs, and yet, it is so. It is easy to say that this cake, or cakes, as it were, could be improved by setting each “Drum” cake layer on a proper stand, thus setting it up as a more authentic-looking kit. Also, not to mention, but you can see I am about to, this set up is quite obviously two snares and a tom, which is just wrong. But I suppose that fortunate recipients of Drumkit Cakes cannot be choosers.