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Tiger Mural By Key Detail at the Second Avenue F Train Stop

Power By Key Detail
All Photos By Gail

The F Train station at Second Avenue and East 2nd Street in the East Village was closed for renovations for part of this past summer, which means we had to do without new street art that is known to enhance the wall just adjacent to the entrance. You’ve seen me write about it before here, but really the mural changes every few months. This beautiful mural of a tiger’s face, which is called Power, went up in early November 2019 and it is the work of Key Detail (@keydetail), a muralist who also works with painting, drawing and illustrations. Key Detail is originally from Minsk, Belarus, but he is currently based here in New York City.

Power By Key Detail

Obviously, I took these photos at night, and I am sure the mural looks quite different in the bight daylight. I will make an effort to pass by it again before it gets covered over, so that I can post some contrasting daytime shots! See more colorful artwork by Key Detail on his Website.

Power By Key Detail

Big Fat Snowman in China Town

Photo by G

Geoffrey and I got off the F train at the East Broadway stop last evening, en route to this art exhibit when we bumped right into this awesome snowman guarding the corner of Essex and Canal. I kept the Image on the large side so you can see the details, including its tomato buttons and traffic cone hat emblazoned with Chinese characters. Fat Snowman! I know everyone loves to bitch and moan about the snow here in NYC but stuff like this makes it all worth it. And you know what? You’ll probably miss it when it’s gone (sort of, not really).