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Yes, It Exists: Andes Mint Suspended in Strawberry Jello

Andes Mint in Red Jello

The awesome photo above was posted on FaceBook over the weekend by my neighbor and friend, Mary. The photograph clearly depicts a festive and inarguably unique dessert prepared by Mary’s mom, which consists of strawberry Jello gelatin dessert studded with delicious Andes chocolate mint candies. Mary says her brother in law nailed it when he described the flavor as being similar to “eating an apple while brushing your teeth.” Eeeexcellent.

Aquarium Cake!

Aquarium Cake

What you see here  looks like an Aquarium, but it is actually an amazing Birthday Cake! Find out how to make it at This Link!

Aquarium Cake

Cookie Monster Cupcake!

Image Source

I totally want to eat this cupcake right now.