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Nightmares For A Week Live Actual Nightmare!

Band Members Bill, Sean Paul and Steven in Happier Times

On Monday April 18th, while on tour with the band Aficionado in Cincinnati, OH, roots-punk band Nightmares For A Week awoke to a real life nightmare: their van had been broken into. The passenger side window was smashed and $8,000 worth of gear was gone. Adding insult to injury; all of the band member’s bags and personal possessions were stolen as well (luggage, GPS, iPod). The band has posted pictures of the gear that was stolen on their website (Nightmares For a Week Dot Com) and Facebook page (http://facebook.com/nightmaresforaweek) so if you live in the Cincinnati  area, please take a look at the local pawn shops and keep an eye out for the gear.

The band’s insurance doesn’t cover the gear (I am guessing they are insured against theft of the vehicle only), and while I can’t help but interject my two cents that it is just ridiculous for a touring band to not carry insurance for the cost of replacing stolen equipment, I also empathize with their situation. Sometimes, life’s lessons are tough ones.

The band has obviously had to leave the tour early and is facing a huge expense to replace their equipment. If you are feeling magnanimous or perhaps wondering what you can do with that fat tax refund that is burning a hole in your wallet, donations are being accepted via Paypal to nightmaresforaweek@gmail.com – any amount will help!

Black Halos Gear Stolen in Montreal!

Black Halos

The Black Halos are an awesome bunch of guys that are one of my favorite garage/glam rock bands as well as being good friends of mine. A couple of nights ago the band’s van was stolen after they played a gig in Montreal. The van contained all of their equipment and merchandise. Like all working bands, the Halos do not have the funds to replace this equipment and are both emotionally and financially devastated. Those of you who know me well know that I have in the past been the victim of grand larceny and that my feeling on the subject is that stealing is just as bad as murder.

While the thieves responsible deserve to be apprehended and thrown in jail for life, the important thing now is trying to recover this equipment and get the Halos back out on the road bringing the rock to the masses. Below is a list of everything that was stolen, along with contact information for the band should you have any leads. Please feel free to repost this list on your blog and to circulate it among the rock community in case musicians might see these items in local pawn shows along the east coast (but likely within the Canadian border). Good Luck Black Halos. I will love you guys forever.

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