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Buckminster Fuller: Rad Genius

Dymaxion Car

Buckminster Fuller Invented This Rad Car!

Those of you that read this blog with regularity will know that most weekends, Geoffrey and I take what we call an “Urban Field Trip” so that we have an excuse to leave the house. This Past Sunday we visited the Buckminster Fuller exhibit at the Whitney Museum. I admit that I did not know much (i.e. practically anything) about Fuller before we decided to go see the exhibit. I had the vague feeling that Fuller was some kind of philosopher or spiritualist, so I did a little surfing on the Google before we hit the museum. What I discovered is that Buckminster Fuller was a “Visionary designer, philosopher, poet, inventor, engineer, and advocate of sustainability, and one of the great transdisciplinary thinkers of the last century with a legacy that extends to nearly every field of the arts and sciences.” Wow!

B Fuller Stamp

He Also Had His Own Postage Stamp!

I can hardly even get my head around that sentence let alone the vast scope of Fuller’s work. I even joked to Geoffrey how mind blowing it is to think that Fuller was involved in the realization of all of this heavy, futuristic stuff every minute of the day, while most of my deepest thoughts revolve around what I’m going to eat and what entertaining programs are on TV. We were truly awed. After the museum we had delicious food at our favorite Cuban restaurant in Chelsea, and that is always fun.

The Buckminster Fuller Exhibit, Starting With The Universe, runs at the Whitney through September 13, 2008. Do go!