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Kick Some Ass in These Skull & Crossbones Pumps!

These shoes may be more in style for the fall, but at this point that’s just a few weeks away. The seasonal change will likely have arrived by the time you can get your very own pair of these very rad Skull & Crossbones Pumps delivered to your doorstep. They’re on sale for just $23.02 (includes all kinds of discounts and free shipping) over at Endless Dot Com. What a Bargain!

The Birth of London’s Batcave Club

On this Date in 1982: The club Batcave opened its doors for the first time at The Gargoyle, 69-70 Dean Street W1 in London. Batcave, which became the first Goth punk club, was founded by members of the band Specimen. While they were not big in the US, Specimen had a few great songs such as “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and “The Beauty of Poison,” which are both on my iPod. If you, too, have fond memories of dancing to these songs in dark, smoky clubs, you can download them (and others) from iTunes.

Thanks to The P5 Blogspot for the Tip!

The Specimen