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Epicurious Entertains NYC: An Evening with Chef Daniel Boulud!


While I was out in California a couple of weeks ago, I received a text from my friend Diane (aka Diaaaahhhne!) back in NYC. Diane said she was really missing me at work, because no one else in the office was interested in “talking about every television program, or every meal they ate.” That text message made me laugh pretty hard, because it is so true: one of the major things that Diane and I have in common as friends is that we both love to eat, talk about food and watch TV shows about food.

So, it was a big drag that Diane had another obligation and couldn’t accompany me to last night’s kickoff event for the Epicurious website’s Epicurious Entertains NYC, a five night series of gourmet dining events – each one featuring a different celebrity chef! Wednesday’s event featured the cuisine of world famous French chef and restaurateur, Daniel Boulud.

Chef Daniel Boulud

Chef Daniel, How Cute is He?

Between the end of the cocktail hour and being seated for dinner, Chef Daniel came out and spoke to the crowd, and he was very charming and very cute! I have seen Daniel on shows like Top Chef, where he is sometimes a guest judge, but I had never been to one of his restaurants – mostly because dinner for two runs about $400 – so I was really excited to sample his delicious gourmet treats. I was not disappointed. Here is the evening’s menu:

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