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Must See Film of The Week: It Might Get Loud

It Might Get Loud

When I first heard about Davis Guggenheim’s new documentary, It Might Get Loud – featuring interviews with and jam sessions among guitarists Jimmy Page, Jack White and The Edge – I figured I might go see it, or I might not. That I’m a huge fan of Jimmy Page goes without saying. Led Zeppelin! But I’ve never been able to work up much enthusiasm for anything Jack White does (too much hype always being a big turn off for me). And while I appreciate U2 (having been blown away by them live back in 2001) I certainly would not call myself a fan. But everybody keeps talking about this film – especially the Led Zeppelin fans on my FaceBook page – and Geoffrey wanted to go, so I figured what the hell. Even though my expectations were only moderate, I am really glad I saw this film because it was really just fantastic. Here are three things I learned while viewing It Might Get Loud:

  1. Jimmy Page is a musical genius (well, I already knew that but, man, is he ever adorable).
  2. Jack White hides the fact that he is a musical genius behind a pile of meaningless, hipster-indie-cred and a really bad haircut.
  3. The Edge may not be the best guitarist ever to live, but his talent for creating unique guitar effects for each U2 song individually makes him sound like a musical genius. So, you know, props to The Edge.

If you love music or are passionate at all about the guitar, then do go see It Might Get Loud. If it is not playing in your area, pre-select it for your Netflix queue right now!

Happy Birthday, Mick Ronson!


Play Don’t Worry

Guitarist, arranger, songwriter, producer and famous sideman Mick Ronson, who lost his battle with liver cancer in 1993, was born on this, May 26th, in 1946. Famous for his guitar work with Ian Hunter as well as David Bowie’s flamboyant Spiders From Mars, Ronson defined a style which has inspired many musicians through the years and was honored by Rolling Stone magazine, who voted him the 64th Greatest Guitar Player of all Time. Celebrate his birthday today by keeping his memory alive!