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Punky Meadows and Ace Frehley Action Figures

Ace Frehley and Punky Meadows Dolls

Judging from the date stamp on the above photo (origin unknown), this image comes from to us from several years in the future! In this photo, we see two “Action Figures,” as they are known, created in the likenesses of Ace Frehley of Kiss and Punky Meadows of Angel, two guitarists from rival ’70s rock bands, dressed in their distinctive costumes of that era, shaking hands in a gesture of solidarity and friendship. Let the homo-eroticism begin!

Gibson.com Profiles Alice Cooper Guitarists

Gibson.com has just posted a decent article entitled Elected! A Brief History of Alice Cooper’s Amazing Guitarists that I mention only because the first two guys profiled are original band guitarists Glen Buxton and Michael Bruce. Check it out if you like at This Link. They’ve also posted a terrific video of the band doing “Public Animal #9” from their appearance on Germany’s Beat Club, that actually features “screen time” for other members of the band besides Alice, thank Christ.

FJ DeSanto, Vocals/Guitar, The Aggression

With her intelligence and passion for all that is music; Gail's interviews are second to none. Regardless of whether it's someone whose music I love, or someone I have never heard of, every interview she does is a must read!

Johnny Lokke, Guitarist

While other reviewers offer cookie-cutter copy-and-paste rehashes for their work, Gail Worley is different. Her reviews and interviews are well thought-out and well written. It's immediately obvious she has actually listened to the music with an open mind, and then honestly gives you her opinions. I only wish more reviewers of independent artists would show the kind of respect and devotion to their craft as Gail does.

Michael Staertow, Guitarist, Singer/Songwriter

If Gail say's it, then you better listen up! She knows what she likes and is not afraid to tell you about it. This lady possesses some serious "hang factor." Gail Worley ROCKS with the best of them!