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Headline Of The Day: "Owner of Killer Bear Chokes to Death on Sex Toy"

Image Source: Not Related To The Story

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. The story that I’m sure you’re all dying to read, which sounds very much like a script by Quentin Tarrantino, is at This Link.

Headline of The Day: "Sixth-Grader Finds Candy Heart That Says ‘Nice Tits’"!

Nice Tits Candy Heart
Yes, It Exists

Obviously I had to post this right now, because I had to share with you my favorite headline of the moment. Read the full shocking story at Gawker Dot Com — yes, it is still online! And don’t forget to read the snarky comments, because those are the best part!

Headline of The Day: James Franco is a Drag Queen Cover Girl!

He Feels Pretty

Yeah, that’s the headline. The original story, from the snarky people with the really poor proofreading skills over at Gawker is available at This Link, which no one will click on, of course. Go James!